RMC interview

In class interview for Research in Media Communications. Interviewer: Karlos Mancilla Interviewee: Clayton Binner

80s interview

Answering questions about the 80s.

Jose and brother, Javier, talk about Javier growing up in the United States from Mexican immigrant parents.

In this interview, conducted on November 2017 in Cicero, Illinois, Jose interviews older brother, Javier, about his upbringing in the US from Mexican immigrant parents. Javier shares stories about his childhood and teenage years in the city of Chicago. He...

Thanksgiving Interview

Mike told me about his childhood and what it was like growing up in Aberdeen in the 1940s and 1950s. We also covered what work ethic can do to make you a good athlete.

Chronicles of Kozmor

Peter Jarvis (15) interviews his friend and cross country teammate, Landon Kozmor (15) about his childhood. He speaks on how he began his running journey, and how sports and running have changed him. He told me how his dad was...

Grandma’s Childhood
February 28, 2018 App Interview

During this interview with my Grandmother we discussed the hardships and the positives of living life in England post-war. We touched upon her life as a child and the opportunities she got to encounter throughout her life. My grandmother explained...

Corey Williams’ why

In this interview I met up with Fullsail Student Corey Williams to talk about his why and what he likes about the media industry specifically sports media


English summative, asking my dad about questions relating to sports and childhood.

Jonathan Gummel

My interview with my brother Jonathan gummel

Media and Race

Kaley interviews student athlete KJ about his views on Race and Media. The conversation also covers sports and religion.

Samual baptiate

Samual baptiate talked about how it was like growing up in South central and where his family came from and his future after high school.

Race Relations in Memphis, TN during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

Jackson Moreton interviews Eldon Blount on November 28, 2018 in Oxford, MS. Eldon grew up in Memphis, TN during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Public schools were still segregated and racial tensions were high. Eldon shares his experience...

September 5, 2023 App Interview

Luke is 14 years old. He plays Basketball and Football. He is very involved with Basketball and has gone to Kentucky for tournaments.

sports interview

Take an inside peak into Holly Koudelka sports life

Interview with my mother about how she felt about my brother’s wrestling

I ask my mom how she reacted when my brother lost his first match at one of his first national tournaments, yet still came back to get third place. I interview her about the emotions felt and the relief of...

Kathy Shepard and Alanna Shepard

Mother and daughter duo, Kathy Shepard [no age given] and Alanna Shepard [no age given], recall some of their interesting family history, the travels they've completed together and a few of Alanna's favorite things.

K A and Farrah Aburaad

K A (30) and Farrah Aburaad (29) discuss parenting, Islam, and how they want to present Islam to their children.

Life of a teenager in DCDS Middle School

A typical teenager’s life in middle school with hobbies, sports, religion, and a view on his future