Election interview

Interviewed a family friend and asked about their thoughts for the candidates and election.

My Grandma’s Life

In this interview we talk about my Grandmother's life and her outlook on the things she has done over the years.

The Sarkisians and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: An interview with multiple generations of the Sarkisian family, where they share how their ancestors fled the Armenian Genocide, their lifestyle growing up on the family-owned farm, establishing a legacy in Andover, and how their...

Silva Sevlian and Paula Der Matoian

Silva Sevlian (32) and her friend Paula Der Matoian (60) talk about Paula's Armenian identity, the Armenian community in Fresno, what Paula's memories of growing up in the American community in Fresno are, and how Paula lived in Armenia working...

Interviewing Zhora Yeghiazaryan, My Grandfather

Interviewing my Grandfather and his life growing up in Armenia, the Soviet union, and immigrating to America.

From Brazil to the US is a part of Susan Belian Shdo Crane’s life story. My Aunt Susan is 89 years old.

My wife Ann and I went to visit Aunt Susan the day after Thanksgiving in 2017. Susan spoke about being an "immigrant family" in Brazil, and her subsequent move to the US.

A little bit of my Armenian family

Kristine Avasapian, mother of the interviewer talks about her family heritage and culture. She gives us in debt insight on the history and traditions of Armenians and what Armenians have gone through with a personal touch.

John and Leslie Boloian and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: John and Leslie share their compelling family story relating to the trauma of the Armenian Genocide, immigrating to Andover as farmers, and creating a legacy through their land and culture.

Stop Iran

“I would see stop signs and below the word stop it would say Iran”. On 1/6/19, in Los Angeles, Ani Adell interviewed her mom, Megan Adell, about her leaving her home in Iran and coming to America, and how being...

relative cultural questions

In this interview we talk about my moms life back in Armenia!