Interviewing mi mama

Nereida Maldonado was born and raised in San Miguel de Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico and came from a poor family. Her father came to the US as a self described bracero and brought his wife then they had 9 children. Nereida...

Paloma Arellano and Monica Arellano

Paloma Arellano (16) talks with her mother Monica Arellano (45) about their experience and identity as Latinas, learning Spanish later in life, hopes for the future, and love and appreciation for each other.

My mom, a woman of resilience and love

Alisson F Feijoo S, student of Counseling Psychology, 25 years old. Interviewing Jenny Socola my mom, that has taught me a lot of thing in my life. In this interview we talked about the life my mom had before she...

Rachel Medina and Clark Craig

One Small Step partners Rachel Medina (33) and Clark Craig (56) discuss their experiences being elected officials in small municipalities, how their backgrounds and upbringings have shaped their political values, and the importance of education.

Eric's Story, Venezuelan Refugee November 2022 (Spanish)

Eric (38) speaks with grad student Yoli (32) about his family's experience immigrating to the US from Venezuela in 2022.

Tyler Beam and Sarah Davis

One Small Step participants Tyler Beam (44) and Sarah Davis (40) discuss their experiences living abroad, what it's like pursuing a second career and master's degree in their forties, their political beliefs, and their spiritual identities.

Leo y su cuento de su pasado en México

Leo Bosworth talks about his life in Mexico before moving to the United States and shares stories about it.

Marissa Castellanos and Saul Cristobal Tellez Escobedo

Marissa Castellanos [edad no dada] habla con su colega y amigo Saul Cristobal Tellez Escobedo [edad no dada] sobre su crianza, sus logros, y lo que quiere que los demás sepan de él. [Marissa Castellanos [no age given] talks with...

Jimena & Juana – Millas aparte, recordando la unidad.

Juana (38) habla con su hija Jimena ( 16) sobre los recuerdos de su infancia. Juana(38) talks to her daughter Jimena( 16) about her childhood memories.

Patricia Pinto and Dr. Jose Wiley | La Creme Angels Inc.
September 4, 2020 App Interview

Spanish interview featuring La Creme CEO Patricia Pinto and Dr. Jose Wiley speaking about the important myths and realities of the novel coronavirus. Brought to you by La Creme Angels and La Creme Modeling & Acting Agency. @lacreme @lacremeangels