Sitting Down with an Art Therapist

I discussed art therapy, creative art therapies, pop-psychology, pseudo-psychology, and the progression of the field with an art therapist.

Pierrick Dutertre and Cathy Dutertre

Pierrick Dutertre (72) talks with his wife, artist collaborator and business partner, Cathy Dutertre (62) about being working artists, as photographers, mentoring other artists, teaching, serving others through art and their grandchildren.

Judith Brun and Karla Leopold

Sister Judith Brun (72) speaks to her friend and colleague, Karla Leopold (68) about the work that they did at renaissance village post hurricane Katrina. They talk about the healing power of art, what they learned and gained from their...

Recording – 09-17-2023 12:23:27 Renee and David The Battle with Cancer

Renee Switzer,58 is talking with David Franklin, 62. They are cousins who feel more like sister and brother. Renee has finished treatments for breast cancer who sees the silver lining. This is a story of hope!

PTSD and Me: How Poetry saved me from Suicide

Erika Land and Aissatou Sidime-Blanton discuss that PTSD the Erika suffered as part of her U.S. military service as a pharmacy technician and how poetry, and producing her one-woman play (“PTSD and Me/At ease. Not today PTSD.”), has helped her...

Andrew McDonald and Zainab Khan

Andrew McDonald (24) interviews his colleague Zainab Khan (36) about growing up with immigrant parents outside of Chicago and how she is dealing with the deaths of her parents, especially her mother who suffered from mental illness, as well as...

David Feingold and Becca Buchalter

David A. Feingold (67) talks with his significant other Becca Buchalter (58) about being bipolar, mania and depression, the effects of his illness on life, the power of his creativity, their relationship, and his artwork.

Gertie, Me and Memory on Memorial Day

Gertie and Anna talk candidly about cancer during Covid19 and finding safe spaces to live and heal. They cover topics around misogyny, mountain life, compassion, doll making and women’s health and empowerment.

Henry Tshishiku and Paige Vogel

Henry Tsishiku (28) speaks with his colleague Paige Vogel (28) about life as a refugee after leaving his home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, his community work in the refugee camp, and adjusting to a new life in...