Erin Hernandez and her mother Lhorlee Hernandez talks about immigrating to the United States for the first time.

Conducted on December 2019 at Plano, Texas, this interview between Erin Hernandez (16) and her mom Lhorlee Hernandez (39) talks about the experiences and hardships in immigrating to the land of the United States. Mrs. Hernandez details her journey on...

International Adoption: How it Impacted a Daughter

Ali Townsend reflects on how her views on adoption have changed over the course of her life. Ali explains how adoption has both positively and negatively affected her identity, and details the adoption experiences she found most significant.

Christina McCann and Grace McCann

Christina McCann (24) shares a conversation with their mother, Grace McCann (42), about their mixed race identity, what it means to be Asian American, and the importance of preserving heritage and challenging racial stereotyping.

A Reflection of an Interview with Dai Gu Po

I discuss and reflect on my conversation with my great aunt Dai Gu Po. A 79 year old Indonesian immigrant to the United States, we discuss various topics about the immigrant experience, health care, and her time in the United...

Sonaera Zaman and Dakota Yu

[Recorded Tuesday, September 12, 2023] Sonaera (19) from Ashburn, Virginia, and Dakota (19) from Ashburn, Virginia participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA. Sonaera shares her mom’s impact...

A Guest in My Home Country

Dinah and Renee talk about Sivia, Renee’s traveling grandma. They also chat about what is means to be “Hakka” and “Farang” at home

Tiffany Chang and Chun-Yen Chen

Tiffany Chang interviews her godmother, Chun-Yen Chen, a dynamically acknowledged Taiwanese-American woman who talks about her experience as an immigrant coming to America and what she has learned in her years of advocating for racial solidarity and justice.

Allan Bergano and Dorothy Cordova

Allan Bergano (70) speaks to his Auntie Dorothy Cordova (91) about their experience as members of the Filipino-American community in Seattle, Washington. Allan shares his experience with bussing during school integration in Seattle and Dorothy reflects on her work as...

A Peaceful Resistance

Tony elaborates on his Vietnamese Asian-American experience and his journey with Hidden Fest, a platform for creatives to network and grow.

Alice Wong & Rochelle Kwan

Alice Wong (46) talks with her friend, Rochelle Kwan (27), about growing up Asian American and disabled in the Midwest, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Disability Visibility Project.

Interview with Eli Halverson

Zach Delsante (18) speaks with Eli Halverson (19) about his life growing up as an adopted Asian-American in Fremont, Nebraska.

Pamela Ching and Wiedad "Roodly" Archer

Colleagues and friends Pamela Ching (61) and Wiedad "Roodly" Archer (52) have a conversation about their careers, beginning as nutritionists and moving into public health, including stories about their time working in various foreign countries and lessons they learned from...

Shailyn Schaefer and her boyfriend Matthew Buizon talk about his life growing up as an Asian-American in the United States.

In this interview, conducted virtually in November 2021, Shailyn Schaefer (17) interviews her boyfriend Matthew Buizon (19) about his childhood growing up as an Asian-American being Filipino and American. Matthew shares his thoughts on the Filipino community and explains his...

Asian in Urban Education: High School Teachers Talk Race

Takeru and Esther are young Asian-American high school teachers in the south coast of Massachusetts. They teach next to each other in a community whose diverse population is not reflective of their racial or ethnic background. As they end their...

Christina Lee and Miya Libman

Christina Heyon Lee (50) and her daughter, Miya Libman (19), talk about identity and the recent rise in racial violence toward Asian Americans. They talk about watching Korean shows and using Korean food and music to embrace their Korean heritage.

Ryan Strack and Penelope Kim talk about her life and accomplishments

Ryan Strack and Penelope Kim discuss her formative years, her children, and her marriage to an Asian-american.

Growing Up Asian American

Jade is interviewing her 14 year old brother, Pau Khual, about his experience growing up as an Asian American.

Kim Moriyama and Charles Minkler

One Small Step conversation partners Kim Moriyama (54) and Charles "Charly" Minkler (66) talk about their upbringing, political beliefs and their struggles as outsiders.

Nash and her sister Onyx discuss her childhood and adolescence as first generation Bengali-Americans.

Nash Alamgir (16) and Onyx Alamgir (21) and discuss her childhood and adolescence. She touches on subjects of mental health and how it was negatively affected with the American education system. Through classic stories of her teenage years, Onyx discusses...