How Immigration affected self identity
November 29, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, conducted on November 28 in Fresh Meadows, New York. Jun interviews his brother Jarvie about immigrating into the United States and about his journey. Jarvie shares information about moving into a new country and going to school...

Asian in Urban Education: High School Teachers Talk Race

Takeru and Esther are young Asian-American high school teachers in the south coast of Massachusetts. They teach next to each other in a community whose diverse population is not reflective of their racial or ethnic background. As they end their...

An interview with a mother and daughter, raised in different locations

This interview was between a mother and daughter. The mother does not know fluent English; therefore, I did this interview in Spanish. The Spanish language is also familiar to me, since it is my native language. In this interview, we...

Kirin Makker and Sejal Shah

Friends Kirin Makker (49) and Sejal Shah (48) share a conversation about how they met, how their lives overlapped in different ways before meeting, about race and identity, and about living with chronic and invisible illness.

My Nana And Her Wonderful Stories

A grandmother and role model for many of the family, Lois Fredericks talks with her grandson, Marcus Fredericks about the things she has experienced in life, and how her "board of directors", also known as her four sons have influenced...

Historian Interview ft. my dad

I interviewed my dad and learned about his background growing up and the difficulties he has faces as an Asian minority.

Jennifer Torres and Gloria Cortes

(Spanish) my mom talks about how she started studying again because it was a big opportunity she got here than her country she was born in.

Irvine: From Minority to Majority

Two women who grew up in Irvine share how their experiences as Asian Americans evolved with the city.

“Not to sweat the small stuff and pick your battles” ~Aimee Torio

My mom and I talk about her past and how the people closest to her affected her identity and how her mistakes and learning from those mistakes influenced the strong and brilliant woman that my mom came to be.

Jennifer Torres and Gloria Cortes

(Spanish) my mom talks about how she started studying again because it was a big opportunity she got here than her country she was born in.

Miroslav Slavchev’s Autoethnographic Interview

Cameron Bonacum interviews Miroslav Slavchev about his autoethnographic essay.

Voice and Identity Interview

My mother’s identity and one of her stories

Finding Identity

This interview is about how Tatiana Miranda’s life during childhood has changed as she moved to the United States

Finding my Identity

How I found my identity through my fathers experiences

autoethnography Interview

My Interview In which princess interviews me

African American Identity in America

A conversation with my friend who is 1/4 African American. We talk about her identity, how the Black Lives Matter movement has affected her view on her heritage and the overall racial injustice in America.

Leeanne discusses identity, relocation, and emigrating to Norway. “When people ask where I’m from, sometimes they mean, why are you black?”

In this interview, Tania interviews Leeanne about growing up between England and the United States, and eventually moving to Norway, as well as the obstacles in moving. Leeanne talks a little about long-distance realtionships. They also discuss how what you...

Dr. Stefanie Sevcik and Michael Sevcik

Mercer University Professor, Dr. Stefanie Sevcik (39) talks with her husband, MFA student, Michael Sevcik (43) about his relationship with art, academia, being a stay-home parent, and a student from 2007-2023.

Tess DeCosta and Leigh Anne Carr

Leigh Anne Carr (29) asks Tess DeCosta (61) about what it was like to grow up in Boston during the desegregation efforts of the 1970's. DeCosta remembers the fear she had when her mom worked as a crossing guard for...