Conversation with Nigel Draper

In this 9 minute interview, I asked Nigel about himself, his career, and future aspirations. He was very transparent and thorough in answering all of the questions.

J Keith Motley and Cristian Gaines

Dr. J Keith Motley (65) talks with his mentee, Cristian Gaines (18), about Cristian's goals and the lessons, values, and virtues that he has learned from the Paul Robeson Institute for Positive Self-Development.

Thanksgiving talk with cousin

In this interview we talked about my cousins achievements, who impacted their life and how they would like to be remembered.

Interviewing my older brother

My brother spoke upon his childhood, what he did and what he would like to do.

Arturo Huerta and Arturo Huerta

Father and son duo, Arturo Huerta, Sr. (56) and Arturo Huerta, Jr. (28), discuss Arturo Sr.'s transition to the United States from Mexico and the businesses he established here.

Henri Serverius and Philippe Serverius

Henri Serverius (18) talks with his father Philippe Serverius (50) about his childhood growing up in Belgium, the implications of the roots of his African mother, his decision to leave Europe behind and move to NYC, and the first hand...

Anthony Arguien and Mia Raquel

Anthony "Tony" Arguien (52) discusses his upbringing and shares his Hollywood ambitions and struggles with homelessness with new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Mia Raquel (24).

Sierra & Lily’s Interview

We talked about our futures, passions, and favorite stories.

Mom’s Memoir

A summary and recap of the childhood and life of a mother of 5 children

My grandmas life and loved ones

Linda Mcclung, my grandma, who is 66 years old, discussed with me a multitude of topics. This including her inspiring Great Aunt, very old and so,e what newer traditions, her life growing up, and her past dreams of her future!

Ann Glass, Odile Boubaker, and Imane Lahrir

Ann Glass [no age given] and her two house guests Odile Boubakeur (33) of France and Imane Lahrir (34) of Morocco to discuss how they all met and what their experience living and traveling together has been like.

December 3, 2019 App Interview

We talked about my mother life and her biggest decisions

My Bestfriend

I interview my best friend about her past and future thoughts.

StoryCorps Interview Project With My Mom

Mother and daughter reflect on past memories together and share inspirational stories with one another as they learn more about each individual and what is was like grow and live in a loving, God-filled relationship.

Crystal Stonewall and Cawanna Stonewall

Crystal Stonewall (24) speaks to her mother, Cawanna Stonewall [no age given], about the influence of her early education in her law career, her accomplishments, and what the future holds.

Growing Up

Andrew Lopez (18) interviews his brother Alan Lopez (20) about his childhood and how he has grown up.

Linn Caroline (Peer Interview 11/27/23)

Caroline Linn (15) interviewed her classmate Jada Garrett. The interview was about her goals for the future and what she is wanting to do later in life.

Interview with Avery

This interview was about Avery and her life. I asked her several questions about herself and she went into detail for each of them.