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"Don't let anything hold you back". An interview with Ashley Lindalia Walker

Ashley Lindalia Walker is the founder for #BlackInAstro, co-founder and media liaison for #BlackInChem, and co-founder of #BlackInPhysics. Oh, and she's getting her Ph.D in astrochemistry. We discussed her work advocating for black scientists and academics, what inspired her career...

“Be open to change. Build a team that has all different aspects and is interdisciplinary.” An interview with Ella Sciamma-O'Brien.

Dr. Ella Sciamma-O’Brien is a research scientist in laboratory astrophysics and planetary science. As a member of the Astrophysics and Astrochemistry Laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center, Dr. Sciamma-O’Brien has been working on the Titan Haze Simulation (THS) experiment, developed on the...