Jean Och childhood
November 27, 2017 App Interview

She loved art and learned from her own mother. She had also fallen in love with the class president, that is now her husband, Bob Och

Interview with my Aunt

Asking her a few questions and getting into 9/11

Me and my Aunty’s
November 27, 2019 App Interview

The life of my aunty’s and there childhood. The Great Thanksgiving Listen.

Interview Project

We talked about both our personal life’s and how it affected one another and the good and bads.


I talked to my aunt about her childhood and other life experiences.

Words From The Wisest

This is a interview of my aunt who has been like a grandmother to me since I was young

Stories from the Generation Before

My mom and I talked about her family, and her experiences throughout life.


My aunt tells me a bit about her childhood life and what she would tell her future family

Auntie’s Hidden Thoughts

My eldest aunt, Hong Nguyen, discusses her childhood, morals in adolescence, and joy of reuniting and living with her family.


This interview talks about Mimi’s life from her childhood until the present.

Johanna Interview

The role of a healthcare provider in the greater community and how family values shape a person.

My tia

Story of one of my oldest aunts who came here from Ixmiquilpan, Mexico about 33 years ago. A quick summary of what we speak on, she tells me how she got here, and why, with the reason being to support...

Aunt Chris

the life and wisdom from the wisest person i know


Here I am interviewing my mother (Desiree), Aunt Denise and Cousin Rachel

Interview with Tota!

I started off by introducing both of us, where we’re from, and why this interview is being done. I asked her some more personal questions at the start, ranging from what principles she believes in, to how she would like...

My Favorite Oldest Sister

I had a lot if fun interviewing my aunt. we are very close and I learned a lot if things about her.

My Interview With My Aunt

In my interview I talk to my aunt about how society has progressed and how it has shaped her. We talk about how art is a big part of her life. She tells me about some of our family traditions....