Amy Parker discusses how growing up with her aunt and uncle shaped her world view and aspirations for life

Bridget Parker interviews her mother, Dr. Amy Parker, in Solebury Township on January 1, 2020. She discusses what her life was like growing up with her aunt and uncle. She grew up in Bloomfield, NJ and worked in both music...

Hayden Goode and her Grandmother Ann Farris discuss her life and growing up Greek.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee, I interviewed my grandmother Ann Farris, whom I call Yia Yia. We discussed growing up in Memphis, Tennessee and coming from a very Greek family. I learned more about my...

Mona Dunkin On Her Life On The Farm

Mona Dunkin, who grew up on a farm in the mountains of Pipestem, West Virginia, tells about her life and experiences, and how her childhood and the people surrounding her impacted her life.

Interviewing my aunt

I interviewed my my aunt and her experience in the living in USA and her life in mexico

Listen and learn

We talked mostly about her childhood and the miny stories she can recall from it

House Interview 5

Talking about being a nurse, her cousins, aunts, and uncles

Life with my Aunt

Over thanksgiving, I interviewed my favorite Aunt Christine. She explained to me what her childhood was like and how it shaped her into the person she is today. She also talked to me about her happiest moments, and saddest moments....

Great Aunt Leah at 100

Aunt Leah talks about her life at age 100

Grandmother tells grandchild about her life

Grandmother Loretta Fitch, along with her daughter Coleen tells granddaughter Olivia Fitch about her life as a child growing up with neither parent. She also tells Olivia about her experience as a mother and how much her children meant to...

Aunt Wanda (sibling number #8)

My Aunt wanda had a few choice words for the tourists flooding Floridas beaches, Governor DeSantis and Donald Trump. When it comes to the virus she refuses to go down without a fight. Aunt Wanda has entered "Walking Dead Mode"...

My Interview With My Aunt

In my interview I talk to my aunt about how society has progressed and how it has shaped her. We talk about how art is a big part of her life. She tells me about some of our family traditions....

My tia

Story of one of my oldest aunts who came here from Ixmiquilpan, Mexico about 33 years ago. A quick summary of what we speak on, she tells me how she got here, and why, with the reason being to support...

House interview 4

Continuation of house interview 3

Interview with Tota!

I started off by introducing both of us, where we’re from, and why this interview is being done. I asked her some more personal questions at the start, ranging from what principles she believes in, to how she would like...


Here I am interviewing my mother (Desiree), Aunt Denise and Cousin Rachel

My Favorite Oldest Sister

I had a lot if fun interviewing my aunt. we are very close and I learned a lot if things about her.

Leah vs. the Earthquake of ‘92

My mom Leah talks about her time spent in Lakewood, California with her aunt Linda and uncle Charlie as a child.