inside the intelligence of kamarion miller

In this interview, I conversed with Kamarion Miller, a 16-year-old artist, author, designer, actor, and many more, and discussed the power of storytelling and his advice for audiences.

Derrick Hayes and Vah Stinson

Friends Derrick Hayes (51) and Vah Stinson (35) share a conversation about how they each came to Columbus, Georgia. They also talk about being entrepreneurs, their different businesses, and the books they have written.

Person of Inspiration

Helena Wimboeck interviews the very inspiring person Carolina Ugaz-Moran, the author of the wonderful book Aline and the Blue Bottle. The book is about Aline, who finally finds the magic in herself. The search for happiness is a journey to...

Little women Podcast

Biography, background, summary and analysis

Uncle Dr. Seuss

My father Kirk Stephens and his brother Doug Stephens spoke about their uncle Dr. Seuss and shared childhood memories about him.

First Interview with Alex Harrow

An amazing interview with Alex Harrow, teacher, author, and absolutely amazing person!

Lawrence Swiader and Laura McKenna

Colleagues Laura McKenna (56) and Lawrence "Larry" Swiader (56) discuss academic research practices, the narrative and life of Tony Smalls and the role of historical fiction plays as an entry point for inquisitive readers.

Sharron Brown and L.C. Myles

Dr. L.C. Myles Jr. (54) interviews his wife, Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown (51), about her life, touching on her experiences with abuse and human trafficking, and her life now writing and speaking on those topics.

Thanksgiving Interview – Mom

My mom’s life as a teacher and what has inspired her as a writer.

Candace’s life

Emily (interviewer) interviews a pastoral leader in her church, Candace, about different big moments in her life. She starts out in her childhood and makes her way through events in Candace’s life. In this interview, you will hear about where...

Fred, Ralph and Xaviera talk about growing up running a farm

Fred lives in Parsons House Austin, a retirement community in Texas. On Grandparent's Day 2018 we sat down and talked about his life.

Tara Fields and Morgan Zipf-Meister

Tara Fields (40) speaks with StoryCorps Facilitator, Morgan Zipf-Meister (40), about her upbringing, time in the US military, and her ongoing work in suicide prevention and mental health advocacy for military service members.

An interview with an Author

A story about an author and his reason for writing

The Proof is in the Pandemic (Part 1)

Honest vulnerability made Shyla and I fast friends when we met in Southeast Asia, far from our Southern roots. I also became a fan of her writing (under the pseudonym S.M. Holland) and took this opportunity to discuss "Get In...

Maxie D. Collier and Schatar Sapphira Collier

Husband and wife, Maxie D. Collier (54) and Schatar Sapphira Collier [no age given], discuss their journeys breaking into the media industry, their love for each other, and meeting one another for the first time.

Spike Prendergast and Michael Bingham

Paul "Spike" Prendergast [no age given] speaks with his friend Michael Bingham (60) about his hobbies, his love of performing, and his work as an author and artist.

Amy Anderson and Anastasia Hipkins

Sisters Amy Anderson (62) and Anastasia Hipkins (59) share a conversation about the importance of family, Anastasia's work as an author, and the life lessons they have learned.

Alyssa Farmer and Wil Ennis

Friends Alyssa Farmer (46) and Wil Ennis (48) share a conversation about their friendship, how they first met, their favorite memories together, creativity, and the different art that they each do.

Blair Imani & Blaire Washington

Blaire Washington (16) interviews Blair Imani (26), a historian, educator, author, and influencer, about her life as a black queer Muslim woman. They talk about why Blair decided to educate people and what she educates them about, her struggles and...