Interview with Ms Donna

Dance studio owner, Ms Donna, discusses her experiences of being a female business owner.

Summative Profile Interview with Pop

Talked with Edd about his life through the aspect of work and his company Central Marketing.

Jaroslaw Piekalkiewicz and Ellen Piekalkiewicz

Ellen Piekalkiewicz (58) interviews her father, Jaroslaw Piekalkiewicz (95), about his experiences as a World War II refugee and a member of the Polish unit of the British Armed Forces. They also talk about their home in Lawrence, Kansas, where...

Peter Weslow- 2008 Effect

We discussed his role as a business owner and how it was affected by 2008 and Obama.

interview with my father

An interview with my father, where we discusses his background, his life, and his hopes for the future.

Marlene Rubin and Rheda Bloom

Marlene Rubin (57) shares a conversation with her mother, Rheda Bloom (84), about their family, parenting, and maintaining an optimistic perspective through life.

Fred Jones and Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt (41) sits down with her father, Fred Jones (79), to ask him about his young adult years. Fred shares stories from his time studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology and from his time serving in the U.S....

Do Not Avoid the Difficult Things

How does the child of immigrant parents become a greatly respected and successful businessman, with nothing but diligence and hard work? On November 28, 2017, Jade Mars interviews her father Michael Karlin in Beverly Hills California. He will talk about...

Coronavirus/ Life Interview part 1

I spoke to my mom about her time during the pandemic and her life beforehand. She shared about her business and how the pandemic has affected it. She then shared about how she feels accomplished because of how long she...

Nataliya Povod, Diana Abramenko, and Mary Connin

Friends Nataliya Povod (23), Diana Abramenko (22), and Mary Connin (70) talk about Nataliya and Diana's travels, aspirations, and their journey to the United States after the war in Ukraine broke out last year.

How the pandemic affected a business owner/food industry

We talked about how the pandemic affected her, not only work wise but personally as well. We also talked about what the pandemic taught her and what he taught her to be most thankful for.

Carol Loyer, William Loyer, and Anne Brande

Anne and her parents Bill and Carol talk about 4 generations of Wyoming Western photographers. The line is traced through the women in the family. They talk about how the family first emigrated from Germany to do photo work in...

Glenda Tate and Jamila Raybourn

Glenda Tate [no age given] shares a conversation with her mentee, Jamila Raybourn (31), about Jamila’s childhood, her family, her dreams and purpose, what brings her joy, and how she arrived where she is now.

Reflections on Generations Past

18 year old college student, Lanie White, interviews her 85 year old grandfather, Paul Corliss, to reflect on the good and bad of his past.

Amazon the company

I interview my mother about the company Amazon and her opinion on it.

Amara Parker and her dad Bernard talk about living in Europe.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in San Diego, California, Amara Parker (14) and Bernard Parker (44) about his childhood in Texas and his career. Mr. Parker shares his difficulties of living abroad compared to the United States. He...

An interview with Arav Singh and his uncle

Arav Singh (17) talks to his uncle, who lives in Pune, on a call, discussing his life story. Here, Arav asks him about concepts ranging from friendships, decisions, and his time as a whole. However, the main focus of this...

Not every nightmare is for the worst

In 1985, every parent's nightmare occurred in a little house in Willow Springs, Illinois. Nineteen year old James Gallagher dropped out of his local community college to start a tent company. Now, James is fifty two and just sold his...