Madeline Murphy Rabb and Andrew Walker

Friends and colleagues Andrew Walker (52) interviews Madeline Murphy Rabb (76) about her passion for swimming and the National Association of Senior Games where Ms. Murphy Rabb recently took home four gold medals.

Stephen Mandas and Patricia Phillips

One Small Step conversation partners Stephen Mandas (72) and Patricia "Pat" Phillips (73) discuss COVID-19 restrictions, politics, religion, and the era of the Vietnam War.

James Harold and Montgomery Mewers

James Harold (60) and his One Small Step partner Montgomery Mewers (53) discuss living in various parts of the United States, the weaknesses of the current American political system, and impactful childhood experiences and relationships that inform their politics.

Equitable Dinners Stories! George Braucht

George Braucht is from Macon, GA, with 40+ years in behavioral health and criminal (un)justice fields, applying community and positive psychology to peer support services. He's a long time facilitator for Equitable Dinners. Here he talks about growing up in...

Grace Cangialosi and Susan Oliveri

[Recorded Tuesday, February 1, 2022] Grace (78) and Susan (75) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed activism, military families, and the influence of their religious and spiritual beliefs on their politics.

The Immigrant Life
September 15, 2022 App Interview

Tanya Wei (15) interviews her high school Mandarin teacher on their shared experiences as first generation Chinese immigrants.

Grayce Gadson and Kleopatra Gaiter

Grayce Gadson (71) shares with her colleague Kleopatra Gaiter (32) anecdotes from her time as a student in Florida, Indiana, and California during the desegregation of schools in America. Grayce and Kleopatra compare their varying experience with school institutions, specifically...

Marta Pearson and DeAnna Hadley

Marta Pearson (72) talks with her friend DeAnna Hadley (52) about sympathy, empathy, racism, the pain it causes and the need for African-American stories to be shared. She describes seeing a raw cotton field for the first time, being denied...

Jay Parker and Pamela Lehman

One Small Step Conversation partners Jay Parker (55) and Pam Lehman (73) talk about growing up in a military (both Airforce) family, the can-do spirit of High Plains people, racism/segregation (not in military, but off base), how travel informs perspective,...

Christine Deel and Kelly Jacobs

Christine Deel [no age given] talks to One Small Step partner, Kelly Jacob [no age given], about their political and social involvement in their communities and so on.