Our Eyes Have Seen (Episode IV: Life and Times of Thomas Henry Sheffler)

Part I: A multigenerational conversation about the events in history that we witnessed and how they affected us. We talk about culture, war, television, media, historical influences, points of view and legacy. Part II: Uploaded separately as Teacher Talk -...

Grandma Diane and her grand daughter Lelaina talk about Grandma’s life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Mohawk, New York, Lelaina Beauregard interviews her grandma Diane about her childhood and her faith in life. Grandma Diane talks about her experience with faith in college and how she found it....

Austin Reilly and Aaron Cummings

One Small Step conversation partners Austin Reilly (29) and Aaron Cummings (23) talk about feminism, culture, and the differences between and learnings from Gen Z and Millennial generations.

Interview with Rosario Fejeran

This is an interview about Rosario Fejeran's life and her opinions about today's generation compared to her generation, the Baby Boomer's generation.

Glenn and Jonah hisom

My grandparents tell me when they first meet at their work and how he took her on a date and following to marriage

Karl Boehmke and Jennifer Hudson

Karl Boehmke (73) speaks to his daughter Jennifer Hudson (45) about his experiences growing up and his perspective on the sociopolitical changes he has lived through.

Grandpa, Mom, and I
December 1, 2022 App Interview

Autumn(17, Daughter) and Eileen Kurtz(64, Mother). The Arts, WWII, Religion, Family Dynamics, Teaching, etc.

Parents media interview

I interviewed my parents (born in 54 & 62) on how media has changed as they were growing up. They believe that communication was the main thing that has changed.

Kristin Beasley and Ric Leczel

One Small Step conversation partners Ric Leczel (57) and Kristin Beasley (54) discuss Gen X identity, methods of advocacy and social change, race, incarceration, misogyny, and abortion access.