Civita Schilling and Michael Schilling

Michael Schilling (56) shares a conversation with his mother, Civita Schilling (83), about Civita’s childhood in Utica, New York, her grandfather’s bakery, her experience in high school, and her passion for singing.

McKenzie Lovelace and Alison Thero

Friends McKenzie Lovelace [no age given] and Alison Thero [no age given] discuss their experiences running local businesses in Pensacola, FL and express gratitude for their friendship, which has both brought them joy and eased the challenge of running a...

Patrick Boughton and Mikki Boughton

Patrick Boughton (27) and Mikki Boughton (26) talk about their relationship and forging a family. Mikki has three girls from previous relationships. Mikki and Patrick had been married for three months at the time of the interview.

Nanny’s Memories of Life

From her marriages to her pets to much more, in this interview Nanny, my dad's mom, and I had a candid conversation about how her life has led up until this point. Beginning with more descriptive answers, Nanny illustrated the...

Baer Family History with Inge & Irene

Inge Baer Corless and Irene Baer Friendly share their memories of childhood, escaping Nazi Germany, their mother Theresia’s failing health, a stay in a Catholic orphanage, the fate of their father Ernst’s family members who could not make it out...

Chris Martin and Sophie Chung

[Recorded: Friday, February 3, 2023] Chris (25) and Sophie (18) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Chris is the owner of the microbakery “Baker No Bakery” that sells at popups and at farmers’ markets. Sophie is a...

Juan Gutierrez and Linda Wilson

Juan Pablo Gutierrez and Linda G. Watson are friends and fellow artists. They talk about their experiences as artists in the 1980s, as well as their vivid experience in the 1986 San Francisco earthquake. Ultimately, they share how they are...

David Walker and Judy Sarkozy

Judy Sarkozy [no age given] interviews friend and coworker David Walker [no age given] about his experience serving 33 years in prison, his work with her at Sarkozy Bakery, and his outlook on life.

Danny Bell and Sydia Bell

Danny Bell (76) tells his daughter Sydia Bell (35) about growing up in Brooklyn and the day that he saved her mother.

Trolley Stop Bakery Diane Wood

Diane Wood bakes and mentors bakers in a co-op community in St. Louis. The Trolley Stop Bakery is a throw back to old fashioned bakeries!

Memories of the Berea College Candy Kitchen and Bakery

My parents talk about their memories of working at and enjoying the products of the Berea College Bakery and Candy Kitchen

Hans Westermark and Lorraine Westermark

Spouses, Hans Westermark (72) and Lorraine Westermark [no age given], share a conversation about their childhoods and how they first met. Hans also talks about how he came to the United States from Sweden, and Lorraine talks about her career...