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Shadi Nadri and Theo Morgan

Best friends, Shadi Nadri (27) and Theo Morgan (22), share a conversation about mental health, body image, travel, hobbies, clothing, death, self-love, and friendship.

Jill on her My Chemical Romance favorites

Jill and Elora discuss band favorites and the lasting impact of MCR's music.

Marideth Sisco and Dennis Crider

Colleagues Marideth Sisco (78) and Dennis Crider (78) discuss their lives as artists, including their contributions to the soundtrack of the Oscar-nominated film, Winter's Bone, their experiences touring and performing all over the world, and their current creative endeavors.

The Journey From Boy-Bands To Heavy Metal

I interviewed my sister Rachel talking about how her music changed with and contributed to developing her identity.

Rob St. Clair and Stephen Scott

Rob St. Clair (73) sits down with his friend and fellow writer, Stephen "Steve" Scott (79), to ask about the multitude of adventures Stephen has undertaken throughout his life. They discuss everything from baking biscuits to serving in the U.S....