Interview with Vanessa Williams from Full Sail University.

Vanessa is a student at Full Sail University Studying Media Communications. This interview discusses where Vanessa and her family is from, her values and messages on life and the impact she would like to make on others. She takes pride...

My Dad’s College Experience

My dad tells me about his college experience from choosing his major to his German language teacher.


Story core interview w Jessie

Interview with my brother CJ

I asked Cj about what college is like now and how he transitioned from high school to college.

Teresa and Ashley Interview

Two friends talk about their college experience so far

Eric The Musician

An in-depth look at the mindset of the modern college student.


Me talking to my oldest brother about his childhood and work side

NAU introduction for HUM 195

Jessica and Arianna discussing there first week back at campus and why they chose NAU.

With Chris

This is an interview of my best friend Chris and how is he doing in college


Mr finer talks about college and how it has impacted his life

English Interview Project

A discussion with my dad about his career as an English professor.

jesuitnolapublicspeakingfall2017 Payton Hedrick interview with grandmother

I, Payton Hedrick (17) interviewed my grandmother,Jeanette Vitrano (63). My grandmother and I talked about her life growing up. We also talked about my family. We talked about her recent battle with breast cancer and how her recovery is going....

Interview with Bruce Davies

Talked about relationships with friends and lovers as a teenager and in early adulthood as well as his relationship with his grandfather, “Beep”.