Interview with my dad

I chose to interview my dad because I knew a little bit previously about his childhood, and I knew he liked talking about it. He had a very interesting and filled childhood so I thought of him as a great...

Childhood memories 2

Carefree times of adolescent boy and his friends. How different his outlook today is compared to yesterday.

Bobby Cain Rocket Hall Interview

Bobby Cain reflects on his early life in Watkinsville, Georgia and life lessons that he has learned.

Growing up in basketball

An interview of my friend and his experience in growing up playing basketball.

Amy Matthews McKenna talked about her experiences in starting out her career in basketball, and how she got to where she is now.

Amy Matthews McKenna explained how she achieved becoming a two-time Hall of Famer in basketball and what obstacles she had to overcome going through high school and college.

Jordan And Armondo Regular Day

We where talking about Zion Williamson the kid that go to duke and hurt his self last night against rival team North Carolina

Interview With the Basketball Lover
September 16, 2018 App Interview

This interview is about how a basketball lover learned to love the game without still playing. It also touches base on how his basketball love helped him create other hobbies and develop a good career out of it.

What my grandmother did in school did growing up.

What my grandmother did during in school. What sports my grandmother did for sports. What my grandmother did for fun with her friends. And what my grandmother's family was like.

Craig Brown and Mara Brown

Mara Brown (58) and Craig Brown (69) share family stories, the role of God in their lives and legacies for their children and grandchildren

Journey of an Athlete

Mekayla Wilson (16) speaks with her Dad (54) on the important lessons and experiences he had while playing basketball.

His life Marquis Moore

We talked about his life and the people who influenced him

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Natalie and her grandma GJ
November 22, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, uploaded on November 21, 2018. With Natalie Smith and her grandmother, Janie Gulley {GJ} Talk about how she grew up and who she became. They started by talking about how GJ grew up and the environment she...

Ball’s life

Christian playing basketball at a really young age and he grew to liking it a lot. Overtime basketball has taught him about hard work and perseverance.

Paul K. 2018

Keith Kramme interviewed his dad two days before Keith’s 53rd birthday.

Growden interview

We talked about basketball and how it has impacted my coaches life.

Jim Heithoff interview

I gave my dad questions about childhood memories of me.

StoryCorps recording

I am discussing how I overcame my fear of being able to be on a varsity basketball team and manage school and sports at the same time.