Nancy Sills and Jim Sills

Spouses Nancy Sills, (67) and Jim Sills (67), sit down to preserve some memories for their children and their grandchildren. They describe the strong communities they each grew up in, share their favorite stories about various family members, and reflect...


In this interview we talked about career and basketball and things that make us the happiest.

Kobe Bryant: Death of an Idol.

My name is Caleb Cross and I wanted to interview my friend Aiden Evans about his personal experiences with death. I interviewed him the night of February 1st, 2020 at 8:50 PM in San Luis Obispo. The first question I...

What the old man had to say.

I Tyler Gleason talked with my Grandfather Jim Gleason on how his life was and a lot about who he was. We got to talk about sad topics such as his grandfather and also happy topics like him going to...

Life of a teenager in DCDS Middle School

A typical teenager’s life in middle school with hobbies, sports, religion, and a view on his future

Interview with my mom

We had a heart felt conversation about my moms life and her childhood. We talked about college basketball and my dad.I asked her questions about her proposal and her wedding.

Jim Heithoff interview

I gave my dad questions about childhood memories of me.

Evans Interview
October 29, 2019 App Interview

I talk about a basketball when we beat brown deer

Paul K. 2018

Keith Kramme interviewed his dad two days before Keith’s 53rd birthday.

Growden interview

We talked about basketball and how it has impacted my coaches life.

Recording – 09-10-2023 21:11:26

This interview is with my godmother Deneshia Faulkner .She is a women basketball coach and she tells you about her life a little as a basketball coach and why s

A Graceful Man, Manuel Carrizalez SR.

My Grandpa, is a man who defies his age by doing things that make him feel young at heart. He always radiates with positivity and is a very inspirational role model. His smile is infectious and his essence always brightens...

English interview

Coach Sean's basketball experience

Herman Brown and Cameron Stephenson

Cameron Stephenson (47) reminisces with her colleague Herman Brown (71), a teacher for over 45 years, about his experience in the Black Panther Party, how his community in Oakland has been influenced and changed, and their shared connection as educators...

Cheryl Lee and Hannah Minkler

One Small Step partners Cheryl Lee (52) and Hannah Minkler (31) talk about being inspired by their fathers, their love of basketball, and ranch life.