Interview with Rosy

An interview about my mother, Rosy’s, life.

Interview with papou

My papou talks about life, money, music, and what he loves

Forming our relationship/getting to know one another on a more personal level

Starting off with specific questions in hopes to get to know one another, our interview turned into a conversation about little things/stories in our life.

English Storycorps Interview

This was an English project where I asked my mom detailed questions & paid close attention to what she said.

Mamaw’s Interview

Filmed when she was 93, I talk with my grandmother about her life and her perspectives on everything she has experienced.

Salt, Pepper and Cumin Ep 1: overcoming life’s challenges

On this episode of the salt pepper and cumin podcast we talk to three guests on life challenges that they have all had to overcome

Interview with My Sister

Interview with my sister Jessica. Topics discussed include childhood, career, high school/middle school experiences, present day life, etc.

Interviewing my mom

My mom answering questions about her life.Also what I was like as a child.

Matthew Hipps – The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The story of my father's early life before starting a family.

Olivia Guyse interviewing Linda Guyse about her life experiences.

Olivia Guyse is interviewing Linda Guyse in Elkhorn, Wisconsin on June 4, 2022. Linda is Olivia’s mom. Olivia is a 15 year old high school freshman. Linda is 53 years old and works as an accountant. This interview talks about...


I interviewed my brother about his life. I got to know more about him and how he feels.

Interview with Lori

We talked about several aspects of her life, childhood, and adulthood, including memories made with many people. She cared most about family friends and the Navy.

Service learning interview

This was an interview about how my interviewee reflects upon her past, and also how she feels about the future.

Illuminada Evangelista interview

Stephen Evangelista interviews his grandmother, Illuminada Evangelista about her life. This is for an interpersonal communication project.

Listening & NonVerbal Comm (4/30)

We discussed experiences throughout my mom’s life that shaped who she is as a person today.

Alexandra Paddy interviewing Elaine (Mom)

I interviewed my mom today. I asked her a multitude of questions that described her life.

Memories of my grandmother

It’s just some of the memories my siblings hold when my grandmother passed away