Frances and Ellie Leiter: A Conversation about Being Biracial

Eleanor Leiter (16) talks with her twin sister Frances leiter (16) about what it is like living as a biracial person. This interview also covers the kind of identity Frances feels being half white and half taiwanese.

“What Are You?”

Many believe that struggles with being biracial only include having to choose between two identities, but it is much more complicated than that. From both sides, whether it be from both a minority group or white culture, individuals tend to...

Sasha Lewis and Julius Rothlein

One Small Step partners Sasha Lewis (45) and Julius "Jules" Rothlein (74) discuss their faith backgrounds, raising a transgender child, and some of the experiences that shaped their political views.

My Brothers Story

Asking my biracial brother what it was like growing up in a white household.

Mary’s Life, the decision to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles.

My mom had the time to sit down with me a explain some things about her life growing up. She came from a biracial background and sometimes had a hard time. She was a young mom and wife, and now...

Sara Rouhi and Maureen Rouhi

Maureen Rouhi (65) has a conversation with her daughter Sara Rouhi (35) about being biracial, Iran, and mental health.

Jesse Maroney and Amin Eshaiker

Jesse Maroney (37) talks with his friend and colleague at LinkOutside, Amin Eshaiker (37) about some of the biggest influences in his life growing up as a biracial child in Connecticut and spending time with his father's family in North...

A Mom Shares Stories of Growing Up and Paving the Way for A Better Life.

in this interview a daughter(Alayla) and her mother (Maraline) talk about growing up, not fitting in, struggling, and finding.

Biracial in America

A short interview about Breana's experience of being biracial in America.

CE 534 Interview_Brittany

Brittany shared her cultural identity journey with me through thoughtful dialouge. We met in a coffee shop, so there is some backround noise. Might this common environment inspire you to not be deterred by your surroundings to have vulnerable conversations.

Racial Equality

A biracial couples view on racial equality, talking about their past and present. And discussing the future of civil rights.

Ellie Bryan and Jeanne Croud

Ellie Bryan (21) talks to her friend Jeanne Boutang Croud (59) about her upbringing in Minneapolis and her racial identity - her mother is white, her father is biracial. Ellie is usually assumed to be white by people.