Cherry Jaymes and Shai Jones

Cherry Jaymes (21) and her sibling, Shai L. James (23), talk about the intersection of Blackness and queerness, being true to themselves, and their gender identity journeys.

Paige Hanks and Skip Tylman

Paige Hanks [no age given] and Skip Tylman [no age given], OSS conversation partners, spoke of their backgrounds. Paige was brought up by a strong mother figure, and Skip found he felt at home working for Procter & Gamble. Both...

Jack Barry and Josh Lofthus

Jack Barry (33) talks with his friend Josh Lofthus (29) about his early childhood, explains why he joined the military, and also reflects on how he coped with the intensity of being deployed. Jack also talks about the work he...

Jim Brooks and JoEllen Holmes

JoEllen Duke, () interviews her church member, Jim Brooks, about his important role in diversifying Oakhurst Baptist Church during the 1960s. Jim was one of the first African American members, and has remained active within the congregation for over 40...

Mary Meloy-Lara and Miriam Lara

Miriam Lara (32) interviews her mother, Mary Meloy-Lara (69), as Mary advances in the stages of Alzheimer's disease. Mary talks about her parents, how she eventually moved to Mexico, reminisces about her children when they were younger, commemorates their accomplishments,...

Minnie Dewberry and Quincy Stephens

Brother and sister Quincy Stephens (76) and Minnie Dewberry (80) talk about their childhood in Alabama, their careers as teachers, and the legacies they both hope to leave behind.

Kathleen Towle and Michael Beiser

Sister and brother, Kathleen "Kate" Towle (59) and Michael Beiser (63), discuss their family, traveling, and what they've learned from one another.

What were you like as a child?

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 over the phone, Caleb Santiago interviews his grandmother Carmen A. Santiago about her life. Mrs. Santiago shares stories about her family and how they were a blessing to her. She also talks about...

Carolyn Suba and Mike Suba

Carolyn Suba (81) talks to her son, Mike Suba Jr. (62), about her memories of her parents and her grandparents, her independent travels both in and out of the country, and being in the largest graduating high school class in...

Betty O'Connor and Milly Murphy

Betty O'Connor (64) interviews her mother, Milly Murphy (93), about her childhood, marriage to her husband, and her earliest memories from the 1930s in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Scott Hill and Robert Richard

One Small Step conversation partners Scott Hill (59) and Robert "Bob" Richard (67) discuss their relationships to religion and how working in the church has informed their political beliefs.

Roman Wilcox and Adriana Wilcox

Spouses, Roman Wilcox (42) and Adriana Wilcox (40), come together to talk about the timeline of their love story, personal growth, connection to service, and their restaurant, One Grub Community Diner.

Prabha Gutheti and Kerri Feazell

Prabha V. Gutheti (71) talks with her friend, Kerri Feazell (31), about the Los Angeles Term Program, religion and life lessons she's gathered along the way.

Tammy Henry, Wilbertine Calhoun, and Tiffiny Benton-Hoke

Sisters Tammy Henry [no age given] and Tiffiny Benton-Hoke [no age given] sit down with their mother, Wilbertine Calhoun (73), to ask her about the parts of her life story that she has not shared with her daughters. As she...

Gail Newman and Isabel Triplitt

Gail Triplitt Newman (70) interviews her mother, Isabel Andrews Triplitt (98), about growing up during the Great Depression in Columbus, GA and how Isabel's life changed as she married, had children, and moved to new cities.

Reflecting on the past 96 years.

This is an interview with my Grandma, Yolanda Costa, on her 96th birthday. She grew up in Greenpoint, New York. She was one of 11 children in a large Catholic family. She was married to her husband, Joseph Costa for...

Linda Watley Norris and Pearl Watley Mitchell

Sisters, Linda Watley Norris (73) and Pearl Watley Mitchell (78), describe what it was like growing up in Columbus, GA, reminisce about the fun times they had as children, and remember family members who have passed away.

Daniel Baughn and Marissa Kanz

Marissa Kanz (38) talks with her ex-husband, Daniel Baughn (40), about their friendship, courtship, marriage and divorce. They talk about their shared spiritual faith, their six-year-old daughter and Daniel Baugh's coming out after they were married. They then talk about...

Betty Savage shares family and childhood memories.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, I interview my grandmother Betty Savage in Raleigh, North Carolina, on November 24, 2017. Betty reflects on her childhood, family, accomplishments, aspirations, hobbies, and lessons she's learned over the years. She discusses her grandmother, cousins, mother, father,...

Loyd Ingham and Mary Ingham

Loyd Ingham [no age given] talks to his spouse, Mary Alice Ingham [no age given], about his childhood, his career as an educator, and how he would like to be remembered.