The Amazing Life of Grandma Cac

In this interview, held on December 9, 2019, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Riley Marschall speaks with Cathrine Harrington about Cathrine’s childhood growing up, what it was like for her getting into school, and getting a job. She talks about her...

Great Recession

We talked about the Great Recession

Paul Mallchok and Nichole Collins

One Small Step conversation partners Paul Mallchok (59) and Nichole "Nikki" Collins (50) discuss their greatest influences, political values, Christianity, and voting.

Me interviewing my Dad

This interview with my dad actually was kind of more casual then I thought it would’ve been and I really appreciate that he had this conversation with me

The Trout’s Great Thanksgiving Listen

My father describes his childhood/teenage years and experiences with his peers.

My Grandfathers Childhood

Growing up in a poor economy area of Rosario Argentina Hugo Solano’s childhood was mainly focused on soccer, friends and family. He always played soccer since he could kick a ball at young age with his friends. He lived in...

Alessandra Fakhoury and Lori Ajloni

Alessandra Fakhoury: Alessandra Fakhoury talks with her aunt Lori Ajloni about her childhood, family, and more.

Esther Quintela

My name is Jaime Jimenez, and I am 15 years old and I interviewed my grandmother, Esther Quintela, and we talked about her life growing up and what it was like growing up with a big family

A glimpse into Jennifer Gonzales’ life

Today I interviewed my mother about some times in her life. We go over many topics in this interview.

My Autistic Sister, Sara

My younger sister, Sara, is autistic but it doesn’t stop her from being an amazing person.

The Life of Nashon Walker

We talked about how despite his tough upbringing, Nashon Walker was able to overcome.

My roommate

I get to know my roommate a little bit better.

Aylin’s Interview

We talked a little about Aylin’s life from being a child up to now.

Family Interview

I interviewed my family about funny stories from their childhood.

Family Members with Differing Views

Selena DeCosta (Easton/Amherst, MA) speaks with Jonathan Daube (Northampton, MA) about what it’s like to be living with a family whose views are very different from your own during a global pandemic.

Thankful: Colin Davis
November 15, 2018 App Interview

What are you thankful for? Colin answers brief questions about what he is thankful for.