Interview with Blaine Johnson

Blaine Johnson is an 18 year old born in Colorado with an interest for art, languages, linguistics and the cultures where people come from. Coming from a multi-generation family with maternal great-grandparents coming from Sweden, Blaine talks about his thoughts...

how emigrant feel about USA

We talked about how USA changed from emigrants’ perspectives.

My Mom

My mother and I were talking about her how she came to America. Also, about how she feels as a parent.

Immigrating as an African (In Tigrinya)
December 17, 2018 App Interview

My mom and I discuss her immigrating as a black woman.

ELA Mother interview

I interview my mom who immigrated from Brazil.

Experience as an Expatriate

I talk with my great aunt about her job and education in the PI, her experience as an OFW/Expat, and how it contributed to her success and stability in America.

Ashraf Ibrahim-Passion civics interview

I focused on his experience in the Middle East and his transition from Kuwait to the US.

Interview Between Friends: Friendship, DACA and Social Justice

I, Juliana Tamayo, interview my friend Yessenia who is a DACA recipient. We speak about our friendship and Yessenia has navigated higher education as a DACAmented student. We've known each other for over ten years but these are topics we...

Treat Everyone Like Human Beings

This interview was record in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ in my parent's bedroom on November 25th, 2018. I interviewed my mother, Nargis Serneabad, who immigrated from Bangladesh to the U.S. in 1996. She reminisced about her first day landing in...

A Brighter Tomorrow

For “The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017” Jonathan Morales interviews his mother Nu Su about her struggles growing up poor in Vietnam, immigrating to America, and the struggles of being a parent. She recounts stories about a fellow refugee camp member,...

George-Orris Family 2018

The life story of my strong Mexican immigrant grandmother who made a great life for her family.

7th Grade / Geiger / 6th Period

We talked about my dad’s immigration process and feelings when he moved from Saigon, Vietnam to Texas. He talked about what an eye-opening experience it was, and how many different things he learned when he came here.

Migration Interview

In this recording, I will be interviewing my lovely mother Maritza. She will be speaking about the obstacles/struggles and also some amazing things that she saw on her way to the United States.

Interviewing my mom about her immigration process

I interviewed my mother about the process of immigrating to the United States. From what motivated her to immigrate and bring her family here to how she felt when she was here all alone.

My Proud Mexican Mom!

This is a story on how a Mexican mom came into the United States seeking for a better future and obtained it. Wise words being told for a woman who went through a lot for her family is now speaking...

Justin Yazigi and Naser Yazigi

Justin and his father Naser talk about his fathers choice in career, his immigration experiences , his professional career and COVID-19

The life of an Armenian Woman in America

The story of a beautiful girl who immigrated to America and started a beautiful life.

Lolo Cheers

My grandfather talks about his life growing up in the Philippines, his life as a teacher, working in war-torn Kuwait, and how he came all the way to the U.S.

Victor & Rachael Lidskog

Rachael is from California and Victor is from Sweden. We met in Hawaii and fell in love.

Valentina goes to United States of America

I interviewed my mom and talk about how it was like for her when she arrived to the United States. Some obstacles, dreams, and hopes for a better life

My story matters

I interviewed my friend about her experience coming to the United States.