Niñez y cosas de la vida- Marilyn and Fredy Orellana

Fredy Orellana talks with daughter Marilyn Orellana, who is 17yrs old. Interview took place in Chicago, Illinois on December 6, 2017. Fredy talked about his childhood and how he was when he was young. He explains his father’s reason to...

Coming to America

In this interview conducted in November 2021 in Skokie, Illinois, Amina Khalid (14) interviews her grandfather Syed Matloob Zaidi (74). He shares his happiest and saddest moments in his life as well as living with 9 siblings. Mr. Zaidi also...

Victor- mi papá.

At first my dad was a little uncomfortable doing the interview but as we continued the questions talking about his wedding, his favorite memories, what books he loves, and his experience first living in the U.S he got more into...

Tracing through the last 20 years in America

Swapnil Napuri (19) interviews his mom, Sowmya Napuri (48), about snippets from her life story ranging from how she is dealing with the pandemic to life in America when she first arrived in 1998 as a first-generation immigrant.

Olivia and Oma in Delray Beach Florida on November 25 2021

Me and Oma talked about her life growing up and what her parents were like and how they met, then we talked about her work and what her job taught her in life. We also talked about how she became...

Brian and Caleb

the main focus was on memories and general life experiences.

My grandfathers interview

My grandfathers journey to getting to the United States, and the things he’s accomplished along the way

Mios mis

Omar’s life story growing up in Mexico and becoming a US citizen

The story of an immigrant
December 9, 2022 App Interview

My dad damir herman talks about his life as an immigrant from Croatia. He talks about storys from croatia and how he learnt to speak English fluently.

New Immigrant

Mother discusses what it is like to be an immigrant from Iraq.

Stories From an Immigrant

I interviewed my father, an immigrant originally from Nanjing, China. He talks about his childhood, struggles and pressure in high school, college experiences in China and America, and what motivated him to immigrate to America.

Interview for English

Spoke with My brother’s boyfriend about his life

Unknown American(Leandro Mendoza Garcia)interviewer (Edwin Nova Cordero)

I’ve known Leandro for most of my life, never did I think how his actually life struggles were. He is a very family dedicated man, positive towards life, and hard working. The war in his country made him come to...


This is the story of my immigrant stepfather who became a role model to me.

Testimony Project 2019
September 17, 2019 App Interview

My name is Evelyn, and I interview my mom Lingling about her childhood in Ping Dong, Taiwan.

Interview with Abo

We talked about my grandfather's life from when he was in Cuba and came to the United States.