From Army to American Dream

This is a discussion between my Israeli father, Ofer, and I. We talk about his experiences growing up in Israel and how he managed to make a life for himself here in America.

Connecting the Dots of Indian Culture and Societal Change

Riya Patel (19) speaks with her mother, Kavita Patel (45), about her life and the challenges she has faced as a woman stuck between maintaining her cultural roots and adapting to changing societal views on gender roles.

Interview with my aunt, Joicy Estevez

I am Natalie Estevez and I interviewed my aunt Joicy Estevez. We spoke about her childhood, moving and being an immigrant, her family, and profession.

A Conversation About COVID-19 Over a Dirt Bike Repair (reuploaded)

Alyanna Tam (18) talks with her father, Albert Tam (48), about his past and present stories revolving around his occupation as a nurse while repairing a dirt bike together.

Abuela’s Story as a Cuban Immigrant

My name is Gianna Mazorra and I am 18 years old. This interview was done with my grandmother, Maria Mazorra who is 75. This interview explored my grandmother’s life as an immigrant from Cuba in America and her struggles and...

On the Topic of Life and how to Live it with an Irish Immigrant
November 24, 2018 App Interview

Jason Wollermann talks with Brian Madigan regarding life, work, and education in the Great Thanksgiving Listen of 2018 on November 24th, 2018. They discuss Madigan's life as he grew up in Ireland and came to America as an immigrant, as...

Sameer speaks with his mother.

Sameer and his mother Mahmoodah have a conversation about Mahmoodah's journey from Pakistan to American and becoming a doctor and raising a family along the way.

Elena Ferreira's life in Mexico and what led her to the United States.

I interview my grandmother about her life in Mexico and what influenced her in emigrating to America, as well as how she got here.


I asked my grandma questions about her immigrant grandmother

The Success of My Immigrant Grandfather

This the story of my grandfather who immigrated here from India in the late 1960s. He started two very successful businesses that are still thriving today.

Step Father Interview

A short interview conducted with a hard working man who has raised me since I was 5 and has become a father to me

New immigrants

Paulina interviews Karla about her immigrant experience

Interviewing my mom

We talked about my mom's origin. Also, we talked about her backstory of when she came to America.

Unknown American

How it was being an immigrant and his experience so far in America

immigrant interview

Today I asked my dad about his parents and how his childhood was like.

interview with my dad :))

Bennett Chiu (17) talks with his dad, Edward Chiu (early 50s), with his experiences with transitioning from Hong Kong to America as an immigrant.

Life as Andree

Immigrant childhood. Death of children. Women and education