My hero’s story
December 9, 2022 App Interview

my mother is my hero and this is her story.

My Grandma, Dori Frederick

On thanksgiving-eve, my grandma and I️ had time for this special interview and I’m very thankful that we did this.

Interview with Fawn

this was for an english project and it’s me and my mom talking about random things for 15 minutes

Cole Blackwell – Story Teller

Trent and Cole dive into his moment of fame on YouTube from a story he wrote a few years ago. We talk about what inspired him and what the story entailed.

Knock and He Answered
January 5, 2023 App Interview

A story regarding a lost wallet

Mom and I
October 30, 2017 App Interview

My interview with my mom for Interpersonal Communication.

Interview with International student student about coronavirus

Today webdicivered the hardships meftah zaki is going through as this hard time is taking place

ENG 131 Interview: Chris Ray interviews his parents.

Chris Ray starts by interviewing his mother, with his father coming in soon after.

StoryCorps interview
December 3, 2020 App Interview

Interview between me and my dad

Interview with my sister

Today I interviewed my sister Leora. We talked about lighthearted questions and reminisced on childhood memories.

Bella’s interview with her dad, Mariusz:)

We talked about his life when he came to America and different things he’s experienced thus far.

Clayton Reynolds and Connor Bergman StoryTelling Interview

Clayton Reynolds(18) and Connor Bergman(22), Sisters boyfriend. Interview about life memories, town from, and family.

The Importance of a Story — Video Games are More Than “Mindless Violence”
January 24, 2020 App Interview

The random ramblings of the importance of video games, the different effects they have on others, and what they really mean to a certain individual.

Who was my grandma?

Mom telling story to daughter about her grandmothers life

Riley hjelden interview with Jane Hjelden

Questions 1 through 4 because it stopped from a corruption