Story Corps

I Interviewed my youngest 12 year old sister Alyssa Garcia.

Just some of the many stories from my Spanish Teacher Ms. Bochow

My Spanish teacher Ms. Bochow is always telling us stories for nearly the whole class so when I got the chance to interview her, I took it. While it is still 40 some minutes long, we could've gone on for...

Grant Rogers- Interview with James Curtin

A story of and from a man who always smiled and did just what he wanted to do.

Practice recording

katie ito practicing her recording for English class

My Story Matters

Interviewing the Handsome Jose

Building Bridges with Mr. Dumpys

Mr. Dumpys telling me about his life story, how Faith played a role in his life, his job and volunteer work, his school stories and lessons, and his influences.

Stories You Don't Hear – Liz B.

In this three part series of Stories you don't hear... We have our second guest my Aunt. Pt. 2

Alex’s Story

She shares her diabetes story. I was unable to record 8 minutes because the microphone stopped working and the recording stopped

interview 1

Iysa Iqbal (16) and her dad, Dr. Iqbal Ahamed (53) speak about her dad’s experiences with immigrating to America and onward.

Interview with Mairead

Two friends, Mairead and Hannah, talk about a book they are writing together.

“May we never forget, 9/11” Our dad’s story.

We sit down to talk with our dad about the events of September 11th.

kaeden king and aisling madigan

how me and someone i never would’ve talked to bonded over a spontaneous action.

Equality Through Education

Phyllis Wimberly ( My Grandmom ) spent her 40 year career as a Washington DC public school teacher integrating her AP English classes. As an activist and teacher her goal was to send kids to college that wouldn’t have otherwise...


Kath goes deep into her memories of her teen years when her love for a boy group started.


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The Journey Across

“Family is the most important piece of my DNA so to have to pretend that I wasn’t a part of the only family I had ever known felt wrong but I knew that I had to do it if I...