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Family Interview

We talked about my moms past and all the things she did in her past.


The speaker talked about the traditions in the past and local songs that he was listening to , and he mentioned the way of contacting with other people in the past.

Garrett Bradford and his grandpa Randy DeMauro talk about some of the most important pieces of Randy’s life

In this interview, conducted in November, 2017, Garrett Bradford(14) interviews his grandpa and mentor Randy DeMauro(70) about the most important people and events of his life. Randy shares stories of how he grew up and what he remembers about his...

Dancing to Prince

Everyone Alex Head meets wonders about his British accent, it's the first thing they notice. Yet who would have thought a British born, American citizen with two kids would end up spending a large portion of his life in Asia?...

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Heather

Heather shares stories of growing up in the historic Philadelphia neighborhood, Tacony, and shares stories of her childhood and upbringing and then her eventual opening of her business in Mt. Airy, Philaelphia. Recorded as part of an artist residency with...

Grandpa Interview

I talked to my grandpa about his childhood, how my dad was like as a child, jobs he had as he grew up, ect.


Memoir/narrative about riding a bike

Bicycle Driver’s Ed at U.S. Grant

Interview with Mx. Hilbert, 4th grade teacher at U.S. Grant school regarding Bicycle Drivers Ed

A Man Of Short Words
November 26, 2017 App Interview

My name is Kelly Ta. I am 15 years old. Today is November 26, 2017. I am recording this interview in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. I am speaking with Vince Ta, who is my father.

Dusty Casteen and William Johnson

Friends Dusty Casteen (41) and William "Tommy" Johnson (51) talk about their friendship, their path to recovery, and the cold weather shelter they started in Wilmington, North Carolina.