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"You know what you're capable of,…trust in the interest and passion that got you here." An interview with Emily Williams

Emily Williams has traveled the world in search of birds. As a biologist, she’s worked in Kansas, Argentina, Australia, and Denali, and studied loons, flycatchers, kingbirds, and more. And even with all these experiences and diverse species interactions, she’s now...

Eric Knudtson and Greg Gustin

One Small Step conversation partners Eric Knudtson (69) and Greg Gustin (59) have a conversation about their family backgrounds, faith, and values that have shaped their lives. They find common ground despite differences in their beliefs.

Michael Gaglio and Cynthia Hoffmann

Cynthia Hoffman (59) interviews her colleague Michael Gaglio (48) about Michael’s work in environmental preservation, being on the board of the nonprofit The Frontera Land Alliance, and their hopes for the organization for the future.