Dave Adams discusses the aspects of his life.

In this interview, conducted in Saint Clair, PA, Logan Maurer (age 17) interviews her Uncle's friend David Adams (65), about the different aspects of his life. Dave Adams reveals the worst parts of living in New York City and why...

Patricia Keating, Lorrie Keating Heinemann, and Robert Keating

Siblings, Lorrie Keating Heinemann (60) and Robert Keating (61), interview their sister, Patricia "Pat" Keating (78), about her early life, her work, her hobbies, and how she learned to navigate life as a blind person. They also share some favorite...

Urban Conservation on the Front Range

Scott Rashid, Director of the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute (CARRI) talks about creating habitat for kestrels and barn owls.

Birds steering the course of life. Photo by Mick Thompson.

How birds have influenced the life and career of Kharli a naturalist from the Puget Sound area.

The Colibri. Photo by Mick Thompson.

A special Colibri (hummingbird) makes a special visit. Photo by Mick Thompson.

"You know what you're capable of,…trust in the interest and passion that got you here." An interview with Emily Williams

Emily Williams has traveled the world in search of birds. As a biologist, she’s worked in Kansas, Argentina, Australia, and Denali, and studied loons, flycatchers, kingbirds, and more. And even with all these experiences and diverse species interactions, she’s now...

A Blue Jay Named Pig

Thomas Kincaid and his family gain a feathered family member when he stops to remove a fallen branch from the road.

Birds Across Borders with Dr Jennifer Campbell-Smith

Dr Jennifer Campbell-Smith talks about her inspiration for Birds Across Borders and how it connects students to the world around them.

Terez Limer and Kira Limer

KL interviews TL about her community & community service, her sense of home, and the love of nature, plants, and animals they both share as mother and daughter.

Richard Littauer on birds, hats, and commitments

When you focus more on connections than commit-ments in open source, what do you say yes to? Richard talks about open source as an evolving collective and commons unbounded by strict definitions, working in the open with creativity and joy,...