La Mexicana

In this sit down with my mother we talked about her early life in Mexico, her time in the United States, and how important love is to the world. Being a good person and sharing your purpose with the world...

Interview with my mom – Emma Catania

This is an interview with my mom about her life and her childhood memories

Masi and Me

I interview my aunt in this recording. We talk about her childhood, marriage, and life now. If you want to listen to a heartwarming interview about love and life, we would love it if you listen!


In this interview Alyssa Norton and Mary Matthews talked about Mary’s past and some of her greatest memories. Mary shared her stories of when she was a child and how she met her first love.

“Moving to DC was one of the best decisions of my life. You make one decision in your life; and that was mine.”

Jessica’s grandmother reflected on her life and how one decision of going to D.C. affected the rest of Diane and Jessica’s lives.

Evelyn at 94

WWII WAVES veteran talking about her life and family.

Interviewing My Father on His Life

My father and I discuss his struggles in life, his experiences and other things.

Interview with Grandma Heisley!

We talked about her life and her marriage and her family. She is very grateful for everything that she has.

Looking Back

The Barraza family goes into detail looking back at life and all of its moments.

My mother and her story before I can remember

My mom and I talked about how she met my dad and then their wedding day. Also, we talked about the day I was born and what I was like as a kid.

Down Memory Lane

I talk with my mom about her life growing up in the Philippines. Then she asks about my life right now, and then we talk about our trip to the Philippines.

Mother & Child

In this interview, I ask my mother a series of questions regarding our family history, how she met my father, and her relationship with me. The interview is both interesting and emotional and displays the strong connection between mother and...

Grandmas journey

We mainly talked about my grandmas childhood and experiences in life. What it was like to become a mother and enjoying family.

Interview with Linda Jacobs

An interview with my grandmother, Linda Faye Marlin Jacobs, about her life, career, marriage, and family.

Mother/Daughter Interview

Listen as I speak with my mother about my childhood, how she met my dad, her upbringing and more!