Vincent and Juliana

Vincent's mom talks about raising him and her plans for the future

Father-son interview

Talked about a bit of everything, from humble, rough beginnings, to hopeful projections for the future for me and him

Grandad’s 99th Birthday

We talked about Grandad’s 72 year marriage, his experiences during WW2, and life in small town Georgia.

Ryan and Mom

My mom and I talked about what she was like growing up and into the current time. We also talked about our relationship and memories of each other.

Talking with Jeanie Ng on her past experiences, and the differences in that time from the present.

In this interview, Ethan Do, 15, interviews his friend's grandmother, Jeanie Ng, 79, talks about her life. She goes over the earliest memories she has, before she even has a sense of individuality. These old memories of the Japanese bombings,...

Generation Next

The eighties, a time of bright colors, classic movies,Michael Jackson, and a decade of fun for all. Colbe Thomas interviews his father Brandon Thomas, a man from New Orleans about his struggles in the 80s (5:25-6:32) and how he met...

Interview with Baka

From childhood to marriage to my birth and our arrival to America in 1994

Thanksgiving listen

Linda (Meema) and I talked about life, and important lessons that everyone should learn, also her childhood up until how old she is right now.

Grandma’s Life in 40ish Minutes – Kathleen & Noa Stoll

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oregon, Noa Stoll (16) interviews her grandma Kathleen Stoll (79) about her childhood, life as a mother, and other in depth details about her life. Kathleen shares stories about her husband, children,...

My interview with my grandma

What we talked about in this interview was about my grandma’s life and some of her accomplishments

Skylar Scarlett and her grandmother Betty Montgomery talk about religion and her life.

In this interview conducted on February 2020 in Memphis, Tennessee Skylar Scarlett (17) interviews her grandmother Betty Montgomery (72) about her childhood and life in the city they both call home. Mrs. Montgomery shares stories about her long-lasting marriage and...

Matthew Cullen interviews his grandpa, Bernie about his life.

In this interview, made on November 23, 2017, Matthew Cullen (13) interviews his dad's dad name Bernie Cullen (81) about his childhood, his marriage, his children, his grandchildren, and other aspects of his life. Bernie revealed many things to Matthew...

StoryCorps Interview

There were many subjects that were talked about, but some of the main themes including life in Texas, significance of friends and family, never stop learning.

Emily Landry interviewing her grandmother, Loretta Landry

Grams life growing up, grandpa, her family. 1924, now and everything in between.