Mom’s Interview

It was interview based on how she sees life after a few events and how she met my father.

Avanni and Toni Interview

Today I interviewed my Aunt toni. We talked about family background, jobs and growing up. She tought me many lessons and told great stories.

The great thanksgiving listen

This interview is about the story of my father life and how it was impacted by others.

Mom’s childhood in the 70s-80s

Today, in 2017, childhoods are completely different from childhoods back than. Growing up in the 21st century we have so many different technology items and inventions that made our life easier. Compared to my mom’s childhood where nobody could just...

Don Anderson (my dad!) interviewed by Annie Anderson (me!) on November 30, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA

Don Anderson discusses his childhood growing up in Chicago, what he is grateful for, and what kind of legacy he will leave to his children and grandchildren.

Rose Harvey’s Life

Rose grew up in Chicago Illinois and she had 3 kids at a young age. She loved spending time her family and her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

Behind The Scene

November 25 2018 in Chicago IL I Interviewed Mary Thomas about her life. Mary Thomas is 61 Years old and this my grandma I am 15 years old. Mary had a good childhood she grown to be an intelligent women....

Andy and Sharon Allison (picture of Garrett Hinshaw and Andy Allison)

Sharon and Andy Allison were discussing their youth, where they lived, their marriage and up to moving into Indian Head Park, interviewed by Tom Hinshaw

William and Eileen Henning

We talked about my life as a kid, and what my mother’s life was like. We also talked about times in both of our lives where we had been the most in trouble and when our parents were the most...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Krzysztof Szot

My dad discusses the struggles he faced coming to America in order to get a better life for himself and his future children. He also discusses the government and how it has it has influenced him and his time in...