Becca Werginz and Janice Gutbrod

Janice Gutbrod (83) shares the story of adopting her daughter Linda, as well as how Linda was reunited with her birth mother, with her book club pal Becca Werginz (26).

Roberto Renfrew-Marquez, James Renfrew, and Melissa Marquez

Roberto Renfrew-Marques (36) shares a conversation with his parents, Melissa Marquez (61) and James "Jim" Renfrew (67), about the process of adopting him, the experience they had raising him, and the way they've grown into their life purpose as a...

Jami Gramore & Scott Acord

Jami, is an only child for their adopted parents and has a complicated relationship with them mainly because of their gender identity of queer/nonbinary. Throughout their life they have struggled with depression and anxiety, but are working through it with...