Learning More About My Mother

Listen to my mother what she gone through her life is very important,

Interviewing my mom

Today I interviewed my mom where she explained her past and what is going on now in her life.


I interviewed Victor and Maddie who share their story about their open adoption of 19 months old girl Maxine.

Brittany Poulton and Rylie Rasmussen

Rylie Rasmussen (21) speaks with her birth mother, Brittany Poulton (42), about their relationship and their experience with adoption.

Joselyn Eitemiller and Melody Fawcett

Joselyn was adopted as a newborn, in Chadron, NE and she shares with her friend & colleague, Melody Fawcett, the story of meeting her birth family. The love and care she has been given by her adoptive parents and sibling.

Suzanne Asha Stone and Cynthia Hand

Cynthia Hand [no age given] and her birth mother, Suzanne Asha Stone [no age given], share a conversation about finding one another, Cynthia's adoption, and their experiences getting to know each other after they were separated for over 40 years.

Lamar Van Dyke, Paula Lewis, and Traci Lewis

Lamar Van Dyke (66), Paula Marie Lewis (70) and Traci Lewis (47) talk about their experiences as they relate to each other. Lamar is Traci's birth mother and Paula is Traci's adoptive mother. They talk about what their lives were...

Jillian Wilson and Susan Peters

Jillian Wilson (42) talks with her birth mother, Susan Peters (57) about her experience of motherhood, from being a birth mother to an adoptive parent, and how their relationship has grown after reuniting.