Jennifer Ferro and Kathryn Jeffery, Ph.D.

Jennifer Ferro (51) has the opportunity to ask her friend, colleague, and supervisor Dr. Kathyrn Jeffery [no age given] about her life growing up in Oklahoma as a Black woman in times of segregation. They talk about how life has...

3rd Generation Jamaican in Britain

I interviewed my friend Neicia who I admire a lot because she is an extremely successful woman, and she has faced a lot of struggles to be where she is incluiding, discrimination from her own community. She once told me...

Courteney Wilson and Nana Becoat

Nana Becoat (43) has a conversation with her son Courteney Wilson, Jr. [no age given] about their lives in Alton, Illinois, their experiences on identity, racism, education, and the future of their city.

Jeannette Holland and Erik Townsend

Jeannette Holland (68) speaks with her son Erik Townsend (31) about her experience transferring high schools her Junior year at the onset of integration in Nashville, Tennessee. Jeannette recalls the safety and support she felt at her all-Black high school...

The Ministry of Reconciliation with Derona

As America's Covid-19 cases continue to multiply, the virus exposes inequity throughout our society and claims a disproportionate number of black lives. Citizen Advocate, Derona King is healing racial trauma by promoting good health and nutritional wellness with Zilphy's Garden...

Anita Lee and Christine DeBastiani

One Small Step conversation partners Anita Lee (75) and Christine DeBastiani (53) have a conversation about being people who live on the borders or fringe, gender identity and trans people being politicized, and children being traumatized by COVID 19.

Babz Rawls Ivy and Lucy Gellman

Babz Rawls Ivy (56) talks with her friend Lucy Gellman (30) about her life, work and community in New Haven, CT. She remembers her early life in Church Street South and changes in the neighborhood, shares her drive for public...

Darius Prather and Leah Prather

Spouses, Darius Prather (35) and Leah Prather (27), discuss the work they do as community activists in their home city, Columbus, GA, the changes Columbus is undergoing, and the better future that they hope to help create for their four...

Equitable Dinners Stories! Cicely Garrett

Cicely Garrett is a Black woman born and raised in Huntington, WV. She graduated from Georgetown University and The George Washington University in DC. Cicely moved to Atlanta in 2006, then worked at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, City of...

Jeroline Jackson and Sinta Storms

Friends and co-activists Jeroline Jackson (30) and Sinta Storms (46) talk about the importance of Black and Asian community collaboration and how their respective identities have shaped their experiences in Philadelphia.

Shonda Brooks and Shawana Johnson

Dr. Shonda Brooks (50) speaks with her colleague Shawana Johnson (43) about their passion for reproductive justice and the health disparities and adverse outcomes for those experiencing childbirth, particularly Black women. Both emphasize the culture surrounding birth and reproductive care,...

Food Elder hbeb 560 Sp24

Interview with my Aunt about my grandmothers chicken salad. She reminisced about her mother’s chicken salad & how it can’t be replicated. I explained how my Aunts version is my favorite.

Interview with my grandmother

In this interview, I talk to my grandmother about issues within the Black community surrounding mental health as well as the current pandemic.

Alexis Creamer, Chelsey Carter, and Brett Maricque

Friends Alexis Creamer (27), Chelsey Carter (33), and Brett Maricque (35) talk about their work on the Black Genome Project. They reflect on the importance of grounding science in community, creating avenues for Black folks to heal, and more deeply...

Stephen Potter and Lloyd Johnson

Stephen "Steve" Potter (65) talks with new acquaintance Lloyd Johnson (82), a longtime farmer in Alton, Illinois, about growing up in a family of farmers, carrying on the legacy of his great-grandfather, living in the country, the history of his...