Equitable Dinners Stories! La Donna Williams

La Donna Williams is a Native ATLien, ordained minister, womanist, theatre artist, and lover of the arts. She’s one of the valued facilitators at Equitable Dinners. Here she talks about her experience switching from a white school system to a...

Cynthia Anderson and Barbara Jackson

Dr. Barbara Jackson (51) interviews her best friend, Pastor Cynthia Anderson (57), about being a survivor of domestic violence and what she's learned by surviving the challenges that have come to her in her life.

"I see you. I hear you. And I ache for you."

In May 2020, communities across the United States were emerging from shelter-at-home measures put in place to stem the COVID-19 pandemic. In Minneapolis, George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, was killed when a white police officer kneeled on his neck...

Blair Imani & Blaire Washington

Blaire Washington (16) interviews Blair Imani (26), a historian, educator, author, and influencer, about her life as a black queer Muslim woman. They talk about why Blair decided to educate people and what she educates them about, her struggles and...

Project Introduction

Executive Producer Nichelle S. Carr (Class of 1998) introduces the Black Women of Amherst College Storytelling Project

Equitable Dinners Stories! Adria Kitchens

Adria Kitchens is Program Manager for Out of Hand Theater. She leads Equitable Dinners! Here she talks about her journey to awareness of racism, learning the importance of communication to find equity, the revolution in Black people empowering and taking...

“This College taught me, again, accidentally sometimes on purpose, about power, which has served me in my life after college.”

Journalists Diamond Sharp ’11 and Ikhlas Saleem ’11 discuss the effects of social media on social movements, the silence surrounding class differences, and learning to code switch between different social groups at Wellesley during the 2010s, a skill that has...

Equitable Dinners Stories! Camara Jones

Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PhD is a family physician and epidemiologist whose work focuses on naming, measuring, and addressing the impacts of racism on the health and well-being of the nation. She is a Past President of the American...

The Ministry of Reconciliation with Derona

As America's Covid-19 cases continue to multiply, the virus exposes inequity throughout our society and claims a disproportionate number of black lives. Citizen Advocate, Derona King is healing racial trauma by promoting good health and nutritional wellness with Zilphy's Garden...

“I came to Wellesley not sure what was possible, but I left Wellesley knowing that nothing was impossible.”

Natalie Gill-Mensah ’03 speaks with close friend Liz Miranda ’02 about Miranda’s transformation at Wellesley during the 2000s, from a young woman with undefined aspirations, raised by a teenage mother, to one with the confidence to run for public office...

Equitable Dinners Stories! Niya Randall

Niya Randall is an unapologetically Black mother who continues to disrupt inequities while working in social justice and education during these uncertain times. She’s one of our valued facilitators at Equitable Dinners. Here she talks about becoming aware of racism...

Talethia Edwards, Anita Wimberly, and Valerie George

A group of African-American "sista friends," Talethia Edwards (39), Valerie George (38) and Anita Wimberly [no age given], chat about life, intimate platonic friendships, family, marriage and the importance of their bond in the African-American community. They talk about the...

Amena Johnson & Jamila Taylor

Amena Johnson talks to her friend of several years Jamila Taylor. They discuss their friendship and what it's like to have black women as friends.

Equitable Dinners Stories! Rachael Carter

Rachael Carter is a part of the Partnership for Southern Equity's Team and has been working with them on staff for 2 years. Originally from Philadelphia, moving to Atlanta in 2018, Rachael has only increased her engagement in racial equity...

Jené Watson and Kupenda Auset

Friends Jené Watson (43) and Kupenda Auset (48) talk about the women they have dubbed their "chosen" ancestors: Maud Cuney Hare and Adrienne Herndon, respectively.

Story of African American Matriarch & Fashionista

Communications student, Anita, interviews her mother Mary, in a 20-minute conversation about being a teen bride, life in the sixties for her African-American family, politics, and, the awesome tradition of black women who wear amazing hats to church, every Sunday....

Aaron Weidman and Tawnya Davis
September 18, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Tawnya Davis (53) and Aaron Weidman (32) have an open and honest discussion, where they discuss how race and "luck" shape a person's living condition.

Elizabeth Foggie and Traci Bartlow

Elizabeth Daphne Foggie (34) interviews her friend and mentor, Traci Bartlow (54), about her work, Oakland Picture Lady, and the importance of creating documentary photography for and by black people.

Vashitta Johnson's Story

WeRISE launch team member Vashitta Johnson shares her journey through advocacy work, her commitment to racial justice, and her hopes for an equitable future. This interview is part of Westerville Public Library's Westerville Voices project.

“We need…more Black women and women of color to be on this campus to get that experience and go back out in the world and do better.”

Malika Jeffries-El ’96, Shelly Davis ’97, and Katrina Mitchell ’96 recount the evolution of Ethos’ objectives from advocating for diversity and inclusion on campus to thinking about the broader aspects of being black women in the world. They touch on...

Mom Part 2 (sibling #15)

My mom and I caught up again over the phone. Just as southern states are beginning to reopen the virus is reaching our family like never before but my mom believes that her faith and military experience will carry her...