AAS 4013 Grandmother Interview

My grandmother is a, "child of the sixties", and I wanted to tell her story. I love the wholesomeness of the lessons that she was taught and kept with her through her entire life.

Joanna & Jasmine: the Learning of Systemic Racism in the United States

Joanna Yang: 2020-07-26 20:25:16 Joanna (20) interviews Jasmine (24) on her experiences as a first-generation Chinese American in the United States as well as her developing understanding of systemic racism in the country. Generational differences and the role of social...

Robyn Wertheim and Mary Cooksey

Friends and One Small Step partners Robyn Wertheim (53) and Mary Cooksey (64) talk about their upbringings, their involvement in their communities, and the hope they have for the future.

Mara Panich and Barbara Theroux

Mara Panich (41) talks to her friend and mentor, Barbara Theroux (72), about the importance of community businesses, like their bookstore Fact & Fiction. They discuss business responses to national and global crises like COVID-19 and the current Black Lives...

Denise Jackson Ford and Renoir Finizio

Long time friends Denise Jackson Ford (54) and Renoir Finizio (74) recall how they met and became friends through a women's group, and share some of their personal beliefs surrounding politics and current events.

A Woman's Right: The Story It Tells – April of Mission, Texas

"I believe everyone should have their choice." - April Vallejo shares her experience as a young mother who believes every woman should have the right to choose. April attended the local Women's March in Brownsville, Texas with her daughter on...

Sontina Barnes and Reggie Barnes

Sontina Barnes (47) talks with her husband, Reggie Barnes (47), about her upbringing in Asheville, North Carolina, being raised in a military family and later joining the military herself. Together, Sontina and Reggie remember the experience of losing their second...