Sandy Fowler-Jones and Barbara Hershafft

Childhood friends and One Small Step conversation partners Sandy Fowler-Jones (67) and Barbara "Bobbie Jean" McLenny Herrschaft (67) talk about the importance of their friendship in 1960s North Carolina.

Natasha Herring and Milton Washington

Friends Natasha Herring (47) and Milton Washington [no age given] discuss their origins of inspiration as writers. They begin the conversation with how they met as writers and the similarities between their experiences as children who experienced housing instability/being orphans....

How it feels to be a black woman

This interview is a summary of Cherrie Anderson’s opinions thoughts feelings dreams and desires as a black woman in the 2000s.

Lisa Dorner and Tiffany Robertson

Friends Lisa Dorner (51) and Tiffany Robertson (49) reflect on how race, gentrification, and police brutality have influenced their Shaw neighborhood community in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rebecca Romo and James McKeever

Rebecca Romo (37) talks with her husband James McKeever (55) about what brings them together. They share recollections of growing up in low income areas and how they kept strong, pushed forward, and both ended up pursuing careers as professors...

Ashley Cornelius and Chris Beasley

Partners Ashley Cornelius (32) and Chris Beasley (39) come together to talk about their grassroots organization, Poetry 719, the only Black-led poetry organization in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They reflect on the importance of creating space for BIPOC and their experiences,...