Interview with Dad

An interview with my father about what he thinks of me, his wife, and his own life story.

Betty Mims

My grandma, Betty Mims, told me about her life growing up in Florida. Her family a constant and her love for servicing her community were both staples in her life.

Robert Smalley Sr. shares stories with grandson, Nick Flionis, of what it was like to be a jobber in central New England

In this storycorps recording, Robert Smalley Sr. recounts his life experience as a jobber in central New England. Coming from a poor family, Bob worked hard his entire life in a variety of professions, often taking great physical and financial...

Uncle Ken

An interview with my Uncle Ken. We talked about his life growing up in the 70s. We also talked about his work life and what he’s learned through working.

My Uncle and I

My uncle and I conversing about differences in our generations, politics, and the workforce

History Summative Assignment

The participants life was talked about and how he had worked at a very young age to support his family. Religion is a big motivation of his,since his childhood, and he encourages his future generations to work hard to achieve...

A life in parts

In this interview I, Jake Wright interview Delbert Chavez about his experience in the auto parts industry. We cover how the industry has changed and how Bert has worked his way to running his own successful department.

Grandpa Remes

Simply an opportunity to better understand the life of my grandpa. Our conversation covered everything from his childhood to final years of work.

The Beginning Path of Adulthood

Hanan Omar is my older sister who recently got a job at Marshalls three months ago. I interviewed her about how she got the job offer and some skills required. I also asked her about her favorite work story and...