Tara Shupe and William Shupe

Tara Shupe (46) talks with her father, William Shupe (83), about his long career as a music teacher and traveling musician. They talk about the formation of several different bands, incorporating the talent of Tara and her four siblings, as...

Steve Desroches and Rod Vaughan

Steve Desroches (47) and Rod Vaughan (50) talk about Vaughan's background in opera performance and blue grass music, particularly as a banjo player, and how that morphed into the unusual band the Electric Milk Machine in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Colby Maddox & John Huber

A conversation between friends, bluegrass musicians and fellow Old Town School coworkers Colby Maddox and John Huber. Colby has been managing the Resource Center and teaching mandolin at the school since 1999. John has been working at the school since...

Harry Bregy Bluegrass Music

Harry Bregy interview on his 90th birthday May 2023 by Pamela Tenny. Harry met and played with a number of famous country and bluegrass musicians in his life. He is a talented musician in his own right.

Gregory Frazee and Aaron Domini

One Small Step partners Gregory "Greg" Frazee (62) and Aaron Domini (43) share about their childhoods and upbringings, reflect on the impact of social programs both historically and in the present, and discuss their biggest accomplishments in life.