Ratna Goradia, Riddhi Goradia, and Shobha Goradia

Sisters Ratna Goradia [no age given] and Riddhi Goradia (39) reflect on giving birth during a pandemic with their mother, Shobha Goradia [no age given]. They talk about the challenges they faced in 2020 and how much they miss spending...

My Grandma

Please come hear me and my grandma

Russell Lowery-Hart and Christopher Sams

Chris Sams (41) insights with his chosen father, Russell Lowery-Hart (51) in a conversation about how the two became family members and what the journey has been like.

I interview my aunt and learn a lot about her childhood and her life growing up.

My aunt has a lot of experiences i never knew about. She worked and went to a catholic school. She saved her money and spent it precisely as a child. She started buying bonds when she was young.

Recording – 09-10-2023 21:11:26

This interview is with my godmother Deneshia Faulkner .She is a women basketball coach and she tells you about her life a little as a basketball coach and why s

More Than A Mom – The Strongest Woman

I interviewed my mom and we talked about her past & present and her journey to get where she is today.

Don’t let hardships ever bring you down

This interview gives viewers the chance to learn a little bit about Laura's dad's life which allowed a special bond to be further developed that is shared between this father and daughter. In this interview it is thoroughly discussed how...

A Father’s journey through Poland’s hardships, and arrival to America.

In this interview, viewers are able to learn about Claudia's dad's experiences, family, and past in both Poland and America. This made Claudia and her dad to connect and strengthen their bond through this interview. In addition based on this...

India-Pakistan Partition: StoryCorps Interview

In this interview, my grandpa talks about his experience with the India-Pakistan partition. Then afterward I talk to my grandma and listen to what she thinks about the future of the world and lessons we can all learn from this...

A Mother’s Love

I ask my mom mom personal questions about our relationship and I learn more about her background.

The Life Of A Hardworking Mother

A mother's life is her young ones. Erika Gonzalez is a dedicated mother of 4 youngsters. Interview by her daughter Madison Holden, Erika gave some information about her kids and her life as a mother. Erika couldn't consider anything she...

Kyle, Austin and Adam reminisce on their life experiences, specifically what has happened to them over the last 4 years.

Austin Lang, Kyle Hacker and Adam Riker (interviewer) have been friends for the past three years. But, they come to find that they may not know as much about each other as they may have thought they did.

My Sister

My sister, Tiffany, gave me a few life lessons and opened up to how she really felt about me.