Laura’s interview

Me and my sister discussed what she wants to be remembered as and what was one of her happiest memories.

Hope Interview – 11-27-2023

In the interview we talked about the ups and downs of cross country. We discussed how it made us better mentally and physically. Hope and I conversed about the trip the team goes on and how the team is like...

The Wearer of Hats: an Interview with a Diverse Father

From the tennis court to the runway, and everything in between, Henry Jacobson has had a diverse journey through life that's not over yet.

Thanksgiving Listen

This interview is a conversation bewteen me and my dad that talks about many different topics that involve in and it is very informative

Getting to know mom close-up

Just a few questions for getting to know my mom better. Some helped our bond.

Reconnection between siblings

Siblings Ashley (16) and Anthony (28) reconnect through a small conversation on Anthony’s experiences, feelings and thoughts about his life.

Sister interview brother

I was able to interview my brother on his childhood, and family traditions.

Thanksgiving interview

A conversation of experiences from the present, past and future.

Jeff’s Life Wisdom

We talked about Jeff’s unique life experiences and stories!

Bradyn Clark and his Grandpa talk about his childhood, career, hobbies, and life choices

We talked about his whole life and the decisions he has made to get where he is today. We also talked about his love for the outdoors and traveling abroad. Finally, we talked a little about his wife and children.

Music Education and Performance

Interviewing a former student of McNally Smith College before it closed abruptly. The impact of college and influence of music are discussed as well as the connections and relationships related to college/music life.

Sister Bonding

I did this interview in order to have a better understanding of my sister as my younger sister and as an individual.

Father and Son

It was about just getting to know each other more and just having fun with it.

Iris and Hannah

i interviewed a classmate of mine and we learned some things about each other!

Ideal Vacation

Andrea Cruz, 26, interviewed Mari, 11. Mari is my niece. we discussed Mari’s ideal vacation. We also discussed our previous vacation to California.

“And then I asked myself why the heck I’m here”

This interview took place in Manhattan Beach, California. Josh Cochran interviewed his grandpa Tom Cochran. It took place November 25th later at night. Josh asked questions about many different things such as what he was like as a kid, How...