Ani Crane and Cailey Klasson

Library patron Ani Crane (80) talks to children's librarian Cailey Klasson (33) about moving to Gulfport, FL from New York City. They talk about some of their favorite books. Ani describes the joy of being in "act three" of her...

Nina Payton and Tracy Williams

Nina Payton (91) talks to her book club leader Tracy Williams (54) about growing up in Missouri, her family and her experiences at the Smithville library.

Jaclyn Wright and Patricia McWade

Jaclyn Wright is interviewed by Patricia McWade about growing up in Michigan, choosing to attend Georgetown, receiving the Georgetown Scholarship, her studies and plans for the future.

Clementine Little Hess and Katherine Hess Little on Mother's Day

Clementine Hess: 2020-05-10 14:28:18 Clementine Hess (34) interviews her mother, Kay Little on mother's day. Topics discussed include parenting, family and chronic pain.