"My mom and me decided to go cause she knew I'd love it. She knew I loved Star Wars so very much"

Mariah Geibel shares why she loves the Fountaindale Public Library District, from her favorite anime books and Disney movies to the variety of programs it offers including the Anime program, the cooking demos, and Star Wars Day.

Katie and Kim Talk Libraries

Based in Los Angeles, two old friends talk about their memories of their hometown libraries, what they like about current day libraries, and discuss the future function of libraries.

Longtime librarian David Huskinson described changes in technology since he began in 1990

Recording August 14, 2018 –After graduating from Southern Utah State College (now S.U.U.), Cedar City resident David Huskinson became the St. George Library audio/visual and periodicals librarian. In 1990 when he was hired, the new library building was nine years...

Joel Tucker and Alan Anderson were instrumental in the evolution of the new Hildale Utah Library

Recording February 6, 2018 – What began as a supposed patron complaint, ended up being the beginning of a very large project and dream come true. Joel Tucker and Alan Anderson reminisced about the journey of an idea—to the fruition...

Beth Meyers helped develop Hildale Library collection

Recording November 14, 2017 -- Elizabeth Meyers works in the Technical Services at the St. George Library and was instrumental in helping to order books and DVDs for the new Hildale Branch Library, the newest branch in the Washington County...