Grandpa John “Jack” Hauser sharing some stories about his life and time spent in the service

My Grandfather, John “Jack” Hauser answering some of my questions and sharing stories of his own. The stories are all about his life and adventures during his time in the service.

ancestry project for gov w my father
December 2, 2021 App Interview

i interview my dad for a project which hey its pretty cool #rorer21

Barry Livingston, Shayla Livingston, and Michael Livingston

Barry Livingston (85) interviewed by his son Michael Livingston (58) and his granddaughter Shayla Livingston (25) about growing up in San Francisco, California, working for as fashion store called Livingston Brothers, his time in the Navy, and his love of...

Being a young adult in the draft era

My father, Robert Berry, lived through an interesting time- the last US Military draft. I sit down with Mr. Berry and talk about his experience in the US ARMY.

Danielle Martinez and Cesar Sarabia

Danielle Martinez (20) is interviewed by Cesar Sarabia (27) about her decision to become a Marine, basic training, her family and attending college at Texas A&M.