Interview of my guardian in the America

Ze is my guardian in the America and he is very hardworking for our study life. Because he was a internet student too, so he can understand my difficult for new here very well and try his best to help...

Interview with my Grandpa

We discussed his life about being in the navy and other important things he used to remember.

Hbu student

Talked about some of his goals. A little about where he is from.

El Abuelo Con Cabello Blanco

In this interview conducted, In April 2018 In Santa Ana California, Perla Lozano interviews her grandfather Jose Rocha. My grandpa and I talked about how he felt when I was born since I was his very first granddaughter, how his...

Great holiday listen

This is the story of my dad’s life. He went through many struggles in his struggles, he stayed determined and worked hard. It was hard at first, but he had hope and his business grew and he was happy. When...

David Burrell interview.

I spoke with my father about his background and his family’s background. I also asked him about some funny stories and a very important person in his life.

Dad’s wild adventures

Talking about his childhood adventures and how he overcame those obstacles

Mom interview

Finding out mor about my mom and what inspires her in life

“Life has a lot of turns to it, and we can never know which way to go, but the right way”.

I interviewed my grandmother about the impact that her ex-husband had on her, and the big choice she made to leave him. She gave an in depth description about her life, how Ivory came about, and how meeting him took...