Generation to generation — what can we learn? P1

This interview begins with the story of my father escaping Vietnam, settling down in America and finding his version of the “American Dream”. Further into the interview we discuss the differences between my generation, specifically as a first gen Asian-American,...

Pamela Sulton and Lester Phillips

Pamela Sulton (60) asks her best friend Lester E. Phillips III (95) about his 30 years in the military including his early days in service, his deployment, and being the first Black solider in his unit and Black recruiter in...

Lauren & Gary Howe: "Hold up your hand. How many fingers do you have? If you die & have that many people in your life, you're a wealthy man"

Lauren Howe (29) talks with her dad, Gary Howe (70) about his childhood growing up in Western Massachusetts, his experience in the military during the Vietnam War, meeting his wife (Theresa Howe), and his naturalist and artistic tendencies throughout the...

Reflections with Jay Liu

Allison Liu (19) talks with her dad, Jay Liu (57) about his childhood and upbringing, and he shares some wisdom and advice from his experiences thus far.

Marc DeWitt and Daniel Peoples

Daniel Peoples III (28) is interviewed by his friend and mentor Marc DeWitt (45) about his experience as a member of the African American Male Initiative and how his participation in the initiative has impacted his life.


An interview of a 15 year old girl with alot to say

Genevieve Unterseher and Marsha Bohr

Genevieve Unterseher: 2021-09-14 03:38:11 Genevieve Unterseher (16) interviews her grandmother Marsha Bohr (82). They discuss her life from being an infant in London during WWII, to growing up the daughter of African missionaries, and finally, her life lived with no...

Kenyatta Bakeer and Donald Bakeer

Kenyatta Bakeer (50) interviews her father, Donald Bakeer (77), about meeting and falling in love with her mother, his work organizing for Black liberation, and his writing.

Service Learning Project

I ask my mother, Sunny Rhee, questions that uncover pieces of her past, important moments and figures in her life, and her words of wisdom for me.

Leonard Landau and Lauren Landau

Lauren M. Landau (30) speaks with her grandfather, Leonard M. Landau (99), about his childhood in the Bronx, serving in London and France during World War II, and getting by during COVID-19 compared to the Great Depression.

Hey, Dad. Nice to meet ya!
January 29, 2023 App Interview

This conversation was between Tara Richards, 31 years old, daughter, and Phil Daniels, 65 years old, father. We talked about Phil’s childhood, how the sudden loss of his father shaped him, his hopes and dreams, raising 3 children, and so...

RaShauna Wright and John Wright

RaShauna Nicole Wright (37) talks with her husband John Henry Wright IV (36) about their "bucket lists", what they're most proud of, first meeting each other, and hopes for the future.