Vernon Frank Reeves and Sherri Taylor

Sherri Taylor (67) interviews her father, Vernon Frank Reeves (96), about what it was like being an educator in Okeechobee County, Florida during integration. They also talk about Vernon's childhood in Okeechobee and remember some characters from his hometown.

Interview of Al Welenofsky

Scoutmaster Al talks about climbing mountains

Hank Martin and DeVon Wade

[Recorded: Thursday, August 4th, 2022] Hank (59) and DeVon (33) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Hank was born and raised in rural Albemarle County, Virginia and has worked various jobs in his life. DeVon recently joined...

Dale Merkle and Sarah Merkle

Dr. Dale Merkle (84) tells his daughter Sarah Merkle (47) about his childhood, time in the military, and meeting his wife.

Garret Schmidt and Al Schmidt

Garret Schimdt (23) talks with his father, Al Schmidt (53), about his childhood, work as a fireman and a plumber, his love for scouting, and the pride he has for his two children.

Interview with Tom Fryer about Growing Up in Powell, Wyoming

Tom Fryer was born in Powell, Wyoming, in 1940 and lived there until he left for college in 1958. In this interview, he recounts memories about his parents, the Rexall pharmacy in Powell, hunting, Scouting, and sports.

Local Pushers: Urban Scouts

Steven remembers growing up in West New York, and the influence the Boy Scouts had on him. He now seeks to introduce young boy from the community their first outdoor experience as a scout master to a very urban crew.

John Hutchinson and Kate Wofford

Friends and colleagues John Hutchinson (58) and Kate Wofford (45) share a conversation on their careers as conservationists, the milestones they've achieved, and the work that's up ahead.

Tim Curran and Noel Parks

Tim Curran (52) talks with his partner, Noel Parks (51), about being expelled from the Boys Scouts of America for being gay. He talks about suing the organization, and eventually losing after 18 years of litigation.

A priest who listens and talks paint off barns

After more than 20 years in the ordained priesthood, Paulist Father Charlie Donahue has a lot of insights about prayer, faith, love and community. And he wanted to be a priest even as a child, so he's been articulating religion...

Edmond Davis interviews Robert Haas on being a scoutmaster

Edmond Davis (17) interviews his scoutmaster Robert Haas (27) on what it's like being a scoutmaster in the BSA organization. Recorded: 2023-10-27 18:40:04

Therese Salus and Joseph Salus

Daughter Therese Salus (62) interviews her father Joseph Salus II (88) about his family history and early childhood. Joseph talks about his family's experience following the stock market crash as well as his time in school and as a lawyer.