Benjamin and Bernadette’s November 2020

Ben and I are about six months into our relationship and I wanted to see what we would like now so we can compare to what we are like later.

Getting To Know All About You

Even after being with my boyfriend, Matthew, for three years, there is still so much I learn about him everyday. I am a strong believer in asking the hard questions, but sometimes the silly questions can tell you a lot...

Ian Roberts

I chat with my lover about life and love and experience. He’s terrible with words and thinking on the spot so there’s a lot of pauses, but nonetheless a great conversation and learning experience

Stories about breakups

In this interview Kailyn talked about her memories of her past relationship of 1 and a half years and why her relationship ended and the lessons she learned throughout those years.

My mother Rosalba talks about meeting my father in a third world country they once called home.

In this interview I interviewed my mom in Orange, CA. I asked her questions about how she came to be with my dad. I asked her about happy and difficult times and creating a relationship with him.

Au Revoir – until we meet again. <3
January 3, 2022 App Interview

After a week in the US Gabe must return to France. Madilyn and he have to part, they exchange a few fond memories from their trip before he leaves for his gate.

Interview with Tiffany

We went over influential events in Tiffanys life that lead her realize what her calling is.

Interview with my boyfriend

I asked my boyfriend mostly about his personal life.

Hannah and Noah

This is an interview with my boyfriend Noah Robinson, about his life and what he has learned

Stories about breakups

In this interview cait talked about her memories of her past relationship of 4 years and why her relationship ended and the lessons she learned throughout those years.

Interview with badden

I really enjoyed doing this interview with badden.It shows a lot about people when you do this interview.

Interview with Tiffany

Tiffany has struggled with being social and her boyfriend has helped her come along. Because of this she wants to move out of her comfort zone and help those in need

Get to know Tyler Nash

Hear a little more about Tyler Nash’s and the values he shares

Rocky Wagner, the love of my life part 2

Today I interviewed my boyfriend about his life. He’s an extremely good and inspirational person to me and I believe he deserved a time to tell the world his story. Enjoy.


I interviewed my bf. Just 2 guys shooting the breeze on a Thursday night

Interview with my Boyfriend
September 28, 2022 App Interview

Isabella White (18) interviews her boyfriend, Daniel Garcia (18), over personal questions such as his role model, future career goals, and more.