Episode 5: The Art of Baking with Landrace Grains

Join us for a conversation with baker and farmer Bram Yoffie from Amity, OR and Shaun Duffy from The Grain Shed in Spokane, WA. Both are distinguished bakers and are excited to share the intricacies, joys and challenges of bread...

Janet Hulme and Erika McMillin

Erika McMillin (48) interviews her mother, Janet Hulme (75), about her childhood, her career, her marriage, the places she’s lived, and the life lessons that she has learned along the way.

McKenzie Lovelace and Alison Thero

Friends McKenzie Lovelace [no age given] and Alison Thero [no age given] discuss their experiences running local businesses in Pensacola, FL and express gratitude for their friendship, which has both brought them joy and eased the challenge of running a...

Warm Bread
November 27, 2023 App Interview

This is a talk between a dad and a daughter. The daughter learns a lot of about he father that she didn’t know.

Grandpa Green

Grandpa talking about his childhood in North Dakota, raising 8 children, and baking bread

The Bread of Cozad with Judy Evans.

Judy discussed with us all the stories of the bread making of Cozad. Also mixed in with some family heritage of her family around the Dawson County area. She talked about her daily routine, which contained multiple chores and early...

Helene Kapel & Alicia Martin

Helene shares her story of how she and her mother survived the Holocaust by escaping to Russia. She tells her daughter, Alicia, how they had to sleep outside and scrounge for food scraps so they could eat, even though her...