Umesh Gunendran and Sadie Hall

Umesh Gunendran talks with his classmate, Sadie Hall about gun rights and political influences during their lives.

Sang Park and Sooyoung Kim

Sang Park (82 years old) shares his experience and motivations as a campaign organizer for BJ Pak, the first Korean-American to run for state legislator in the State of Georgia during state elections in Fall 2000. 박상(82) 씨가 2000년 가을에...

Taylor Mack and Oz Roberts

One Small Step conversation partners Arsburn "Oz" Roberts (63) and Taylor Mack (26) have a conversation about the influences of their faith on the way they vote and live their lives.

Martha Steger and Melody Roane

One Small Step partners, Martha Steger (79) and Melody Roane (53), connect over their agricultural upbringing and exchange experiences that shape their political practices.

Jon del Rosario and Maddy Deal

[Recorded: Tuesday, November 9th, 2021] Jon del Rosario and Maddy Deal have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville. Jon shares about his childhood growing up in Virginia Beach and how he has more recently started following politics with his...